September 25, 2007 from Charleston South Carolina

We are still keeping very busy and cannot believe I am behind again with our blog.  Thought people got bored when retired – not Tim and I. 

We spent Friday at Susan’s house as Tim helped her with her computer.  We went out to lunch with them which I enjoy greatly.  They are the sweetest little girls in the world.  Thanks for being grandmom’s little dolls.  People that do not have grandchildren will not understand this fasanation with children.  They get so excited to see us that it makes you feel like the most important person in the whole world.  They hug and kiss ya and think everything you do is wonderful.  Life is sooooo good to us.  I enjoyed our two daughters while they were growning up but now I do not need to worry if they eat – if they are really good – all I need to worry about is that they do not get hurt and are kind to each other and others.  Easy job and I thank God each day for giving me a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, 4 wonderful grandchildren, a super son-in-law and soon another son-in-law.  We are truly blessed. 

Saturday it poured most of the day – we did go grocery shopping but otherwise stayed in most of the time and read or worked on puzzle or computer.  Took a walk around the campground for a mile walk but that was the extent of our day.  At night we watched alittle tv – enjoyed talking to each other as we drank our glass of wine.  We never drank while our girls were growing up and now we have a glass of wine or two each night.  I guess we deserve little things to keep us happy.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day.  We arrived at our daughters house around noon and then we all piled into her van and went to the aquarium in downtown Charleston.  The girls enjoyed it – Tim and I have been to better aquariums in Chattanooga Tennessee and Monterey California but we had fun.  We came back to our little home and made a stuffed chicken, rice, stringbeans, cranberry and rolls.  Good dinner.

Monday morning Tim had to go to the dentist – having alittle trouble so we went and then took a ride to Isle of Palm.  We walked the beach, went into a few stores and just enjoyed the weather.  It is still very warm but a nice breeze does blow most of the time so we enjoy that.  The beach is beautiful – told Tim I was sorry I did not have our bathing suits with us.  This weather would be just great for another swim in the ocean.

Getting older is hard to do but something that must happen to each of us.  Today is my birthday and it was a wonderful day. 

Tim and I took a ride to Summerville South Carolina.  The town was started around 1785 when plantation owners came here to escape the insects and swamp fevers.  It is a very historic village wich many beautiful homes.  People are very freindly and super helpful.  We stopped at the Eclectic Chef for lunch and I had the best chicken salad wrap ever.  It had pieces of walnuts and grapes – soo good.  We walked the downtown area and enjoyed seeing ribbons tied around most of their trees.  Very touching.  We rode around town for while and enjoyed looking at the homes.  We also stopped at Azalea Park and walked the grounds.  They have alot of sculptures in the park which are just delightful to look at.  We enjoyed that greatly.  They have a non-profit organization called Sculpture in the South which every year they add another sculpture.  Really enjoyed that.  We came home and I read my book – talked to my children, grandchildren whom called to wish me happy birthday.  We are going to go out for dinner now so I will finish later.

Well I am back – we took a walk around the campground and then decided it was time for dinner.  We started driving and I said to Tim that I was not very hungry – lets just do KFC and go out to dinner another night when we are hungry.  Our lunch today was just wonderful and I was still pretty stuffed.  I ate one chicken breast and alittle cole slaw and enjoyed it.  So we shall celebrate tommorow nite with the granddaughters for dinner and cake.  Looking forward to that.   Until later

Thanks Sammy for singing to me – enjoyed it greatly – will return the favor on Friday.