Naval Weapons Station Goose Creek, South Carolina

Hello from sunny South Carolina – weather in the high 80’s during the day and 65 during the night.  We have been able to sleep the last few nights with the windows open which we both love.  We love to be cold when we sleep – anyone that knows us remembers us opening our windows during snow storms and thought we were nuts.  We never seem to get sick like most people – when we get sick it is something unusual – guess that is our fresh air addiction or maybe just being weird.

We have had a wonderful week and will try to catch you all up on what we have been doing.

Last Wednesday Tim  washed the camper while I sat and watched.  We took a nice long walk and enjoyed that greatly.  Around 4:30pm we went over to our daughter’s house for dinner.  They had a cake for grandmom and the girls were delighted to sing to me and help me blow out the candles.  They are precious.  They gave me a wonderful present which I will tell you about when I get to our day on Sunday.  Thanks for the beautiful prsent, cake and dinner.  Most of all the company. 

On Thursday we went to the post office and applied for our passports.  We have never had passports before – I had only been places that you needed a birth certificate and Tim did not need one being in the service.  So in order to go to Mexico or Canada in the future we decided to apply.  Now we are worried that we will not get them before our cruise and they took our birth certificates.  To be safe we applied for new birth certificates and paid dearly for them.  Do not want to take the chance of not having them for our cruise.  The process was so easy and the man whom helped us was great.  He transfered down from Connecticut 12 years ago, can you believe how small this world is?  We constantly meet people from Connecticut.  

When we were done we took a nice ride to Shem’s Creeki and looked around.  This is an area of restaurants and bars that sit on the water – very rustic but pretty.  We walked around for awhile just looking and plan to come back some night for dinner or lunch.  It is actually in Mount Pleasant – across the bridge from Charleston.

Friday we took a 3 mile walk around base.  It felt soooo good and we did it in 45 minutes.  Sooo proud of us.  After lunch we rode to an area on base that has trails thru the woods.  We will come back here another day and do the trails.  If you walked the whole trail it is over 12 miles.  Wow.  We stopped at the movie theater to see what was playing and hope to get there one of these nights.  They show pretty good movies and it is free – cannot beat that.   We then walked over to the base library and got a library card.  They have a very nice selection of books and most of them are in good shape.  I am a pain when it comes to books – I like nice clean books so usually I buy them brand new, read them and then give them away.  Tim only reads hard back books – the writing in paperbacks is too small for him.  We found books we liked and were both happy.  Free so we will make use of this while we are here.

Saturday we took a nice walk to the exchange – it is about 2 miles round trip.  They have sidewalks everywhre and very easy walking.  When we got back we sat outside and read for awhile.  Around 3 we went over to Susan’s and all of us went to Sullivan’s Island to take pictures.  She wants to do her Christmas cards with pictures from the beach – this is all new to them and they all love the beach.  The girls were delighted to be able to run on the sand – even Makenzie liked the sand after awhile.  They were all dressed up in white dresses and just looked darling.  Of course it was quite a job to get three of them to look at the same time – would get two one time – then two the next.  Tim finally got one of them which is pretty good but they think they will try this again another day.  I cut my leg on the rocks – Julia cut her foot on a shell – blood everywhere – thank goodness for a first aide kit in the car.  After we all went to a restaurant on Shem’s Creek for dinner.  Our son-in-law’s cousin owns it – we had a wonderful meal and really enjoyed ourselves.

The Preservation Society of Charleston is having their 31st Annual Fall Tours of homes and gardens.  Our daughter gave us tickets to attend on Sunday.  We left the house around noon and drove into Charleston – found the office on King Street to obtain our tickets.  Our tour was the South Battery of Charleston where many old homes are.  We toured 2 gardens and 6 houses in a 3 hour span.  We walked over 2 miles and enjoyed it greatly. 

Most of the homes were on South Battery and Murray Boulevard.  The first house was just beautiful – built in 1873 and on the real estate markiet now for 6.3 Millon dollars.  You got to see the living room, dining room,  den and kitchen.  It was just beautiful.  I told Tim he could buy me that one. You could see the Ashley River out the back windows and doors.    The second home was constructed in the late 1800’s as a store or warehouse and converted into a single family home around 1909.  Very small home.  The third home we visited was very odd – it was built in 1770 but did not have that old feel to me.   

We next visited two gardens that were just beautiful – peaceful and you could picture yourself sitting out there enjoying a glass of wine and reading a book or just letting your mind wander.  Very nicely done.

We next visited a home that was built in 1930 and it was just beautiful.  You got to see the living room, dining room, kitchen and den plus the sun room.  The lady in this house that was the guide came to Charleston from Rhode Island.     The last two houses were built in the late 1920’s and very nice homes.  I love looking at the architectural details plus the furnishings.  It was a wonderful day and we both enjoyed it greatly.  You could not take any pictures as they were all homes people live in.  Thanks Sue and Jerry for a nice day.

We arrived home and we were both tired.  We sat for about an hour before deciding we better eat dinner.  We made it simple with noodle dish and chicken.  Very good but easy.

Today is Monday October 1st and I cannot believe how fast time goes.  Today our daughter had a doctor’s appointment so we babysat for the two little ones.  They were as good as gold – we read alot – kept climbing the stairs – blew bubbles and played house.  Julia loves being the mommy and calls me sweetheat.  All in all a good day. 

Until later