November 10, 2007

Our trip to Orlando with my brother, 2 sisters and spouses was a wonderful experience.  We all had a wonderful time – mostly relaxing by the pool or hot tub.  We got to talk to each other, enjoy each other and had fun.  Tim and I left on Saturday around 11 and took our time driving to Orlando.  We stopped for lunch and then went off the road into Daytona Beach to see what that was like.  Well it was bike week – too many people and too many loud bikes.  Brought back many memories from South Dakota during bike week.

We arrived in Orlando around 7 and checked into the Marriott at the airport.  We got a really nice room, got things put away and then went downstairs and had dinner.  Very good food but the drinks were the best.  We sat at the bar for awhile and just talked – very nice and relaxing. 

Sunday morning we got up early – Tim went downstairs and got us coffee and the newspaper.  Sat and read the paper drinking my coffee.  Checked out about 11:30 and headed to the Hilton Grand Vacation Club at Sea World International Center.  We were very pleased with the resort and all the ammenties.  They had a theater, game room, owners lounge, shuffleboard, playground, tennis courts, 3 pools and hot tubs, fitness trail, fitness center, bar and grill, store with groceries, souvernirs, ice cream, fitness center, activities center, sports courts, grills, deli, pizza hut and starbucks.  It was wonderful having a restaurant that served meals froms 7am  until 11 pm.  So handy and the food was very good. 

We met Tom and Donna for lunch at the bar and grill – had a nice lunch – a drink and good conversation.  We then were able to check into our condo.  We had two condos with two bedrooms each so it worked out really well.  After checking in Tom and I left in his rented convertible.  We went in search for a grocery store.  Not knowing the area, we went the wrong way and rode around for about an hour and half looking for a grocery store.  We finally found Wal-Mart Super center and did our grocery shopping.  On the way home on I-4 it started to pour.  By the time Tom could pull over, put the car in park and get the roof up we were soaked.  I was laughing soo hard – water dripping down our faces – clothes soaking wet, felt like a young kid again.  We got back to the condo and everyone else arrived.  We sat around and talked and then went to Redrock Canyon Grill for dinner.  This is a fairly new restaurant to Orlando – just opened on August 27th and is a chain out of the midwest.  We waited forever for a table so the manager gave us 2 free appetizers.  We were not tooo impressed with the food – they were really busy and guess we ordered the wrong things. 

Monday the weather was just beautiful – sat by the pool all day – going into the water constantly too cool off.  We had a few drinks and appetizers at the bar in our bathing suits.  Really enjoyed that.  We decided to eat at home that night and had spaghetti and salad – thanks Ann and Sharon.

Tuesday was another beautiful day – sat at the pool and hot tub all day and enjoyed the water and sun.  We also got to see the space shuttle in the sky – what a sight and experience.  At night we went to the Fishbones Restaurant which was just wonderful.  The wait was long – gave us a free appetizer again  and wow was that great.  It had a fish dip, fish and a few things I refused to try.  We all enjoyed our dinner – little pricy but defitenly worth the money.  Everyone thing was great – prime rib, fried shrimp, shrimp scallop scampi, and fresh tuna.  We were all so pleased. 

Woke up on Wednesday morning to a swollen toe again.  Gout had hit me again and have no idea why.  Must make an appointment with a doctor to find out what I can do to prevent this.  Tim took me to the clinic and they put me on 3 different pills to clear it up.  That day I spent on the couch sleeping and reading – hurt to put on a shoe.  That night Tim walked over to pizza hut and got us a pizza and breadsticks.  Very good.

Thursday was an overcast day but we still sat by the pool and talked.  At night we went to downtown Disney and ate at Wolfgag Puck Cafe.  Pretty cool place.   We all split up and did some shopping – love looking at Disney stuff plus seeing how excited all the kids are.  We even went into the Lego’s store and looked at everything.  Disney is just a wonderful experience.  Tim and I have decided we will come back in January and go to the parks as it has been about 7 years since we did that. 

Friday morning Tom and Donna left – they were flying to North Carolina to visit with their son before he left for Iraq on Sunday.  He will be in our thoughts and prayers while gone.  Friday it was raining most of the day so Tim and I went for a ride – we toured the town of Celebration.  What a cool place.  At night Tim and I had dinner at the restaurant on sight.  We then had a few drinks and enjoyed ourselves greatly.

Saturday morning Ann and Richie left for home.  We really enjoyed seeing them – it had been two years and we missed you guys.  Hope in January we will get to see you again.  We spent the day at the pool with Sharon and Wayne reading, talking and going into the hot tub.  What a nice day.  At night we all had dinner and drinks at the resort – enjoyed our day.

Sunday morning Sharon and Wayne left – Tim and I got everything packed and started home.  We took our time – stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch – got off the highway and rode along the shore for awhile.  Had a really nice day.

Now we are back in Charleston – enjoying our time here and seeing our granddaughters.  They are just darling and so full of life.  Wow – nice to be young again.

We went to the new park that just opened on the old Navy Base in North Charleston.  It is for all the people that were stationed on the base from 1910 until 1996 when it closed plus all the people that worked at the Navy Yard.  They did a really nice job – I loved the statue of the navy guy hugging his wife and child.  Very touching.  Tim was stationed at that base back in 1964 while in Sub service so it had more meaning to us.

Yesterday Bill, our neighbor, helped Tim install a new part for our hitch.  Thanks Bill for your help.  We then took Bill and Janice to the club on base for lunch which we all enjoyed.  Took a nice ride and then back home to enjoy the sunshine and company. 

Today was cleaning day and laundry.  Then I sat and read my book which is really good.  It is called “Whispers” by Belva Plain.  Very good book – different than most books I have read.

Next weekend I will be babysitting – Jerry and Susan are going to a wedding in North Carolina and will spend the night.  Looking forward to time with my sweet little granddaughters. 

Until later