Another month gone

We have been enjoying ourselves greatly this last month and again I am behind on the blog.  I think I will go to a monthly blog like I have seen before or maybe I will be better when we hit the road again.

This past month we got to visit with Lucille and Vinny twice which both Tim and I enjoyed greatly.  Always nice to see our friends and catch up on their lives.  We hope to see them again before we leave in January.  Thanks Lucille and Vinny for a wonderful visit and lunch.

Tim and Bill, our neighbor, were able to accomplish two very important tasks.  First they installed the King Pin Extender which will give us more clearance for taking corners with a short bed truck.  This has been a concern of Tim’s since we started our full time journey.  Thanks so much to Bill for giving Tim this information and then helping install it.  We saved alot of money which made me very happy.  Bill also helped Tim check the brakes on the camper which was a  great help.  Janet, Bill’s wife, ordered a computer so Tim has been helping her with setup and just learning how to use it.  The barter system has worked greatly with this nice couple.  He also is fixinig our recliners with Tim as they do not stay reclined which was a real disappointment to us.  They have been like this from day 1 so it will be a great fix for us.

One nice day we took a ride to the Francis Marion National Forest.  We checked out the campground and were quite impressed with it.  We then rode to the town of McClellanville.  What a neat town.  They had a cute museum which was closed that day but we will return and check that out.  The town reminds you of something from 100 years ago – very quaint.  The main road we followed turned into a dirt road but it was so interesting we just kept following it until we hit the main road again.  We love going on out of the way roads to discover new things.

Thanksgiving this year was held at Susan’s and Jerry’s.  We had a nice crowd with the 3 grandchildren, Jerry’s sister and her 3 children, Jerry’s parents, Jerry’s grandmother and us.  We enjoyed a delightful dinner with great food and good conversation.  At night we went over to another couples house – sorry I do not remember their names – but they were great hosts and lived in a beautiful home on the Isle of Palms.  They served us all desert.  A wonderful day enjoyed by all.

One weekend we babysat while Sue and Jerry attended a wedding in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We enjoyed the girls greatly.  Saturday night after the little ones were in bed Emily and I played Old Maid.  Emily is 8 years old and very silly – everytime she got the old maid she would giggle thus allowing old grandmom to win the game.  We enjoyed ourselves greatly.  Sunday Tim took Julia to a 3 year olds birthday party at a party place.  She had a ball and he seemed to enjoy it also.  I stayed home and babysat the other two.  Nice weekend. 

On November 24th Tim and I were driven by Susan and family downtown Charleston to the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship the Norwegian Majesty.  It was to be a week of pure pleasure thanks to Susan and Jerry.  What a wonderful gift.  Our state room was on the 8th floor which was a perfect location.  The pool and two bars are on the 10th deck, the deining rooms on the 5th so easy to get to everything.  The ship is quite small compared to most ships but the right size for us.  It carries 1462 guests and 661 crew members.  It is 680 feet long and goes about 20 knots.  The ship has 6 restaurants, 9 bars and lounges, spa and fitness center, jogging/walking trail, 2 pools and 2 hot tubs, video arcade, library, and a cassino.  They have loads of activities going on all day and night and you choose what you wish to do if anything.  They also have freestyle dining which I loved.  This means you can go to your meals anytime you wish breakfast from 6am until 10:30am.  Lunch is served from 11:30 until 2:30, snacks from 3:30 to 5:30 and then dinner from 5:30pm until 10:30.  Late night snacks from 11:30 until 1am.  Always something to eat or drink day or night.  We ate and drank plenty but used the stairs to get some excersie while on board.  The cruise started on Saturday with us boarding around 1:30.  We were able to board quicker because we were Latuides members (that means we sailed with NCL before) so they give you alittle better service.  We checked out our room and at 3:30 they held a mandatory boat drill required by the Coast Guard.  We sat outside on deck 10 listening to calypso music, drinking, and talking with fellow shipmates as we left Charleston with 56 being the high of the day.  We had dinner in the LeBistro with wonderful wine, food and company.  We talked to the nice couple sitted next to us for quite awhile and enjoyed it greatly.  We found a wine that we both enjoyed 2005 CMS Columbia Valley Red Wine from the Hedges Family Estate in Washington state.  It is a blend of cabernet, merlot and syrah.  Very tasty and great with our dinner.

Sunday was a laid back day for the most part as Tim did not feel to well.  I had had a bad cold for about two weeks and poor Tim got it.  You know I share very well with him but I did feel bad as it spoiled this day for him.  He slept most of the afternoon.  I attended a shopping presentation for Grand Cayman, Body Composition Analysis and the diamond and gem shopping seminar.  The temp today was 69 and alittle overcast.  At night we had dinner in the Seven Seas dinning room and chose to eat alone to avoid germs being spread.  It was a pretty good day for me.

Monday was also a day at sea so we had breakfast on deck 10 with the buffet style.  They have everything you can imagine for meals so it is hard not to find something to your liking.  We sat by the pool and listened to music, talked to people and read our books.  Very nice day considering the temp was only 66 – hope it gets warmer soon.  For dinner tonight we went to the Four Seasons and sat with two other couples which was very enjoyable.  We then sat and listened to music and talked to more people.  We were social butterflys this trip – enjoyed meeting so many nice people.

Tuesday we arrived in Georgetown Cayman Island at 8am.  The temp was 84 and partly sunny.  The ship anchored out and we took a tender to reach shore.  This is the 5th largest financial center in the world which was a surprise to me.  We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful color of the water.  It is just so amazing that anything could be that clear – now I understand why it is noted for diving and snorkeling.  I think if Tim felt better he would have wanted to go scuba diving – something he has not done in 30 years.  This island has 37,716 people and English is the official language.  It is a beautiful island and I would not mind returning for a nice vacation.  I did get a pair of gold earrings in town.  At night we watched caribbean line dancing and listening to calypso music. 

Cozumel Mexico was our next stop and what a pretty island.  The temp was 84 with the sun just beaming to make that beautiful water much prettier.  This island has the 2nd longest coral reef system in the world and has rare black coral.  This is another true scuba diving place.  Jacques Cousteau made this discovery in the early 1960’s.  The population on this island is roughly 65,000 people and they use mexican peso as money.  We took a cab ride to look at a timeshare and check out the beach.  Very nice place and would return someday.  We headed back to the ship so Tim could take the navigational bridge tour of our ship.  He was in heaven doing this – old sailor in his glory.   

Our next stop was Key West Florid
a which both of us loved.  We pulled into the Navy Pier around 4pm and were shuttled by bus into town.  We saw the most beautiful sunset ever at Mallory Square.  What a cool place – all kinds of entertaintment. Tim took loads of pictures and will post them soon.  We walked all around and enjoyed looking at the water, being at the most southernmost point in contential USA, watching chickens walking all over the city and seeing such beautiful homes.  Another place we will return.  Friday was a day spent at sea – enjoyed talking to other couples, nice dinner and dancing.  They had a veteran get-together which we enjoyed.  All in all the cruise was a wonderful experience and such a wonderful gift.  Again thanks to our wonderful daughter and hubby.

December 8th took us to Wando High School in Mt Pleasant to watch our granddaughter perform with the Dance Carolina Dance Studio in a Christmas Spectaculkar.  It was wonderful – she is turning into a wonderful dancer and really enjoys it so.  We hope to be able to see many more performances in the coming years.

December 9th we attended the Mt Pleasant Christmas Parade.  Seemed so strange to us to be in spring jackets watching a Christmas Parade.  Remember we are from New England.  The parade was wonderful and our granddaughter Emily was on a float for her dance studio.  Beautiful floats and fun by all.

Our 3 year old granddaughter Julia was also in a dance recital and did super.  She is such a ham – listens very well to the teach which surprises mom and dad.  Pictures will follow.

Christmas shopping – Tim taking a short trip to CT for business and doctor appointment – running around has kept us busy.  The next few weeks should be the same but will try to do better.

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  God Bless