Another year coming to an end

Wow it is hard to believe that 2007 is coming to an end.  Tommorow will be the last day – December 31, 2007.  That is a hard day for me – it is the day I lost my mom 6 years ago.  She was just such a precious lady – she loved everyone and everyone loved her.  Gosh I miss her but someday we will be reunited.

These last few weeks have been filled with shopping – enjoyed that greatly.  Santa was very good to us all this year again. 

Christmas eve we went to a new church with Susan, Jerry and girls.  It is a huge church called Seacoast and it really impressed Tim and I.  The service was just so touching and meaningful to both of us – reminded us of the church we attended with Amanda, Tim and Josh out in California last year.  They have all kinds of activities for the children to keep their interest and enjoy learning about God.  Such a wonderful concept.  We attended again today and shall do that each Sunday until we leave.

If you are ever in the Charleston area during Christmas make sure you go to James Island County Park.  What a wonderful festival of lights that was.  They have over 2 million lights, 600 light displays, 12 minute train ride, sand sculpture with 50 tons of sand, 2 gift shops, sweet shop, of course santa, a carousel ride and a marshmallow roast over the fire.  We were so impressed and enjoyed the 3 miles of pure entertainment.  It was $10 for a car and well worth every cent.  Tim took loads of pictures which he will post soon.  The park has a campground, cottages, waterpark, climbing wall, kayaks, bikes, pedal boats, concerts, beach, etc.  Really nice.

Christmas eve after church we went over Susan’s – had a wonderful pasta dinner, wine, and then let the girls open their presents from poppy and me.  It was a joy to watch – the little one was so darn cute. 

Christmas morning we were up at 6 and headed to Mt Pleasant by 6:30am.  Going over the bridge on I-580 we saw the most beautiful sunrise ever.  The sky was soooo red it looked like it was on fire.  Tim and I both said “see what we miss each day cuz we sleep too late.”   We arrived at Susan’s by 7 and they were all still sleeping.  What a treat to watch the 3 girls come down and open their gifts from santa.  They enjoyed each gift they received and were just sooo cute.  Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and we cannot forget that but Santa is such a wonderful part of the day for children.  We had a beautiful ham dinner, famous clam dip, shrimp cocktail, fresh stringbeans, mashed potatoes, and sooooo many sweets.  Think I gained 10lbs just looking at them all.    We even had our cake for baby Jesus and Julia sang happy birthday.  Very nice day.  Talked to our daughter Amanda in California and our grandson.  They were enjoying their day also – starting their own holiday celebrations.  Missed them all. 

For Christmas I received a new camera – will learn to use it soon and then we will have pictures of Tim.  He loves to take pictures of us doing dumb things so now it is payback time.  My gift certificates were just so pleasing to me – now I can shop all the good sales.  Thanks to my children and grandchildren.  Spoiled lady I am.

Yesterday we went to the Shallo’s house again and celebrated Marie’s birthday (she is Susan’s mother-in-law.)  We had a nice dinner, great company and loads of laughs.  Thanks for another beautiful day.

Today after church Tim, Susan, Jeff, and Scott are busy trying to build their busines.  Tonight we will go to dinner at a restaurant downtown Charleston so looking forward to that.

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year and may 2008 be good to you.  Enjoy.