Lutz, Florida

This past week in Lutz Florida was enjoyed greatly by Tim and myself.  We loved the nice warm weather and can see why sooo many snowbirds spend the winter down here.  The park we are staying at is 90% snowbirds whom come every year and just leave their camper here. 

Sunday was a beautiful day with temps in the 80’s.  My sister Ann arrived about noon and gosh was it good to see her.  We sat outside and talked and talked.  Being alone with her was nice cuz it was just the two of us so we really got to talk.  She stayed thru dinner and seemed to enjoy the day greatly. 

Yesterday we headed to her house – she lives in an adorable mobile home which we had never seen before.  We decided to ride out to Fort De Soto Park and see what it had to offer.  We rode along the shore – peaking thru all the spaces between the buildings to get a glimpse of the ocean.  Gosh is it pretty – but sooo many buildings block the view.  We stopped for lunch in Tierra Verde at a old funkie restaurant.  The food was excellent.  We arrived at the park and drove thru the campground first.  Wow was that ever pretty.  They say you need reservations a year in advance to get in – have water and electric sites and is $39.20 for a night.  The sites are nicely spaced also.  We then drove down to the historic area.  The old fort was okay – guess we have visited to many forts lately so it really did not interest us that greatly.  It was built in 1898 and became inactive in 1910. 

We then rode down to North Beach which was voted one of the prettiest beaches in 2005.  We parked and walked down to the beach – nice beach but gosh do you ever have to walk far to get to the water.  Took our shoes off and put our feet into the water – pretty cold but alot of people were swimming.  Guess they are brave northerns not wimps like us.

Stopped at Home Goods store and just puttered looking at things.  Tim went into Panera Bread for coffee while Ann and I looked at everything in the store.  I did buy a picture and she got a tablecloth.  For dinner we went to Bonefish Grill – great food – good drink and wonderful company.  We had a wonderful day and will miss Ann as we move on.

Today is a day to relax, get gas for the truck as we are on the road tommorow.  Until later safe travels.