The Month of March 2008

This past month has been spent visiting mostly but also some relaxation.  We left Lutz Florida on March 5th after a wonderful visit with my sister Ann and headed north.  Tim had the route plotted on the GPS to take us to Suwannee River State Park in Live Oak, Florida.  What a surprise when it told us to turn left unto a dirt road and Tim did.  All I could think was we were going to get to a point and not be able to turn around or go forward.  Well to our surprise the bumpy dirt road made a complete circle and we ended up where we started.  We were nowhere near the park but we finally found it and got set up.  It was a small park but very pretty with nice trails.  The weather did not cooperate and we had loads of rain with toronado watches.  We stayed in and got alot of reading done as internet and tv were not in the cards.

Our next stop was Three Rivers State Park which is in Sneads, Florida.  Again, another small park but sits on  beautiful Lake Seminole.  This is when we wished we had a boat – even a canoe would do.  We enjoyed watching the birds, ducks, and fish splashing around.  Simple pleasures for these old folks.  While here we did get our hitch fixed as it was tearing up our truck pretty badly.  Everytime we hit a huge bump or turned it would scrape the top railing of the truck.  We hope this will slove our problem for awhile.

On the 13th we left Florida and headed into Alabama.  Seemed so strange to see a sign saying Pinckard (that is our last name) and also a tiny little town.  We went to this town about 10 years ago on a family reunion and saw where Tim’s great great grandfather had a plantation many years ago.  We arrived at Wind Creek State Park in Alexander City.  This park is huge with over 600 sites and sits on Lake Martin.  It was much too crowded for us – sites close together and quite noisy.  We did get to visit with Claudia and Devin so that was nice. 
While in the area we visited Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson State Historic Site.  They have a french fort that was built in 1751 and this proved quite interesting.  We have visited many forts but mostly American so it was educational to see the differences plus the workmanship that was put into building these over 250 years ago.  Also on display was a Cree Indian house and they are starting to rebuild the american fort also.

Also while in this area we visited the Horseshoe Bend National Military Park.  In 1814 General Andrew Jackson and an army of 3300 men attacked the Upper Creek warriors where over 800 indians died.  This was the most Indians ever lost in a single battle.  It really gives you chills to wander the grounds and realize what heppened here.  Gosh were we ever mean to the Indians – pushing them off their own land. 

Our next stop was West Point Georgia where we again missed our turn and ended up turning around in the middle of a road.  Thank goodness Tim is such a good driver.  We checked into a corps of engineers park on West Point Lake.  Really nice park with beautiful sites and the best park was with the Golden Age Pass we only paid $11 per night.  Pays to travel with an old man – great on the budget.  During our stay here we got to see Jeff, Scott, Betsy, Lamar and met his new bride Sherry.  We enjoyed our visit and catching up on news as we had not seen Lamar for a very long time. 

While in West Point area we headed to Warm Springs Georgia to visit the Roosevelt Little White House.  Franklin Roosevelt came to this area in 1924 searching for relief from polio.  The natural warm springs here helped bring some improvement so he built his home here and came often.  His home is maintained as it was on April 12, 1945 when he died from a massive stroke right in this house.  It was a very imformative visit as the museum gave us a real feel for FDR.  He definitly was one of our most popular presidents and helped sooo many. We also got to see the pools that he used. 

Easter Sunday also occured while in the area and we attended a sunrise service – a first for me.  It was just beautiful but gosh was it cold.   We all had on winter coats and still were shivering as the day before we were in short sleeves.  During the service they gave each of us a flower which we held and then at the end we placed it at the foot of the cross.  Very touching and a wonderful experience for me.  The people were so friendly and warm. 

Back on the road on the 27th arriving at another Corp of Engineers Parks in Appling Georgia.  Our site proved to be quite challenging to get into – very narrow and down a hill with little room for error without ending up down the bank.  Again Tim showed his driving expertise plus the truck with 4 wheel drive.  The park was just beautiful and again we were sitting on J Strum Thurmond Lake.  This lake sits on the Georgia/South Carolina line and comprises of over 70,000 acres being the largest lake east of the Mississippi. 

While in this area we drove downtown Augusta to do the river walk.  As we were in obtaing information it started to pour.  The pounding rain and high winds prevented us from doing the walk.  We will return again some day to enjoy this area. 

April 1st put us on the road again with a trip back to Charleston South Carolina.  We arrived at Charleston Air Force Base Fam Camp with beautiful sunshine and warmth.  We set up the camper and met Susan (our daughter) and family to attend Emily’s play.  It was so good to see them again.  The play was very good and then we had dinner and returned home for the night.

We had our taxes done and owe over $3000 – yikes were we surprised.  Guess this is why they say to save for a rainy day.

This past weekend we babysat for our 3 granddaughters while daughter and son-in-law went to the beach for a few days.  We enjoyed it – such sweet little girls.  They are normal children whom love to fight and then hug each other.  Tim spent the days with us but went back to our little home each evening.  I had pajama parties with them which was great fun.

We are back in Charleston as I need eye surgery – have cataracts and need them taken care of.  Will write again soon.