Charleston Air Force Base

Well here it is almost two weeks again since I posted but gosh are we having fun.  We stay busy most days – some days I could not tell you what we are doing cuz I really do not know.  Sounds weird but anyone whom knows me understands.

Charleston South Carolina is the neatest city – it is a city you can just walk in and enjoy the architecture of all the beautiful buildings.  We started our tour this day on the water in Waterfront Park.  The flowers are all in bloom and everything looks like spring.  Our next stop was the United States Customs House which was built in 1849.  What a beautiful building – so much detail and loads of marble.  This building is still used as active office space but we enjoyed it greatly.  We walked along the streets up to Meeting Street where we entered the Circular Congregational Church graveyard.  In 1806 the first circular church was built but burned in 1861.  The present church was built in 1891.  The grave yard is the oldest in the city with graves dating back to 1695.  Very interesting.  Our next stop was City Hall and the U.S. Court House and Post office.  The courthouse was built in 1792. 

We were able to go into St Michael’s Episcopal Church which was constructed in 1752 and is the oldest church building in the city.  The clock and bells were imported from England in 1764.   George Washington and Robert E Lee worshipped here and the building is just beautiful.  I love the family pews – so cool. 

Our next stop was lunch and Tim was in heaven – he got to have Grits and Shrimp which he loves.  Another thing we love about this area is most of the food we have is outstanding. 

Our day in Charleston was delightful and we will return – so happy that our daughter and family live in Mount Pleasant as we will return often. 

Last Friday we met our daughter and two granddaughters at the Isle of Palms County Park.  This park sits on the ocean – we played in the sand and actually put our feet in the water.  Julia loved the water – Makenzie loved the sand.  We really enjoyed the day greatly – had suntan lotion on so only got sunburned on our feet. 

Another reason we love this area is attending Seacoast Church.  It is a very uplifting service and just makes me feel much better.  God has blessed us in so many ways and we have so much to be thankful for.

On Monday I took our 3 year old granddaughter and went to Boone Hall Plantation to pick strawberrries with her nursery school class.  What a delighful day we had.   She got to play on the jumping castles, take a ride in a wagon by tractor and visited the butterfly house.  Watching three year olds was so cute – they are filled with questions and such concern.  They were told we might not see too many butterflys cuz it was quite cold.  One little girl said why can’t they wear jackets.  As adults we forget how innocent they are and how they think.  Boone Hall Plantation really does so much for the area around Charleston.  If in the area please make it a point to visit.

Today was a wonderful day.  Our friends Lucille and Vinny met us here at the base.  We stopped at KFC for lunch and then stopped at  Old St Andrew’s Parish Church.  This is an episcopal church built in 1706 and is the oldest surviving church in South Carolina.  It is shaped like a cross.  As we walked around the outside looking a car pulled up and I believe it was the minister.  We said hello and Vinny asked if we could tour the church.  He said sure and opened the building for us.  What a wonderful treat.  Hard to believe that it still stands after 300 years.

Our next stop was Drayton Hall – built in 1738.  It is one of the nations finest examples of Georgian Palladian architecture.  It is also the oldest preserved plantation house in America.  One thing very different is that the home is empty so you actually see all the details.  It is a huge house – it is over 10,000 square feet.  We really enjoyed our day – thanks Lucille and Vinny for sharing the day with us. 

Tonight Tim and I ate at the mess hall here on the base.  The Air Force lets retirees eat at most bases for breakfast and dinner.  We both had a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravey, cherry cobbler and a drink for the total cost of $5.10 for both of us.  We shall be eating most dinners on base – cannot cook for that amount and it is good. 

Monday will be surgery on my right eye – need to be at the clinic at 6:30 am.  We normally do not get up until 9 so it will be new for us.  Until later.