May 12, 2008 – Charleston SC

Charleston still has a hold on us for another week or so due to the cataract surgery.  I had my first eye done on April 21st and it went so well.  A week later I had surgery on my left eye and problems began.  I had a horrid headache and spent most of the night awake.  Went to the doctor the following morning and could not even see the big E on the eye chart which scared me to death.  Seems my implant did not lay right so that Friday I went back to the hospital and had that fixed.  I am doing really well with my distant vision – no glasses – but my reading vision is still not where it should be.  I did get reading glasses but only read for about 5 minutes and my eyes are tired.   I will be returning to the eye doctor on May 21st and hopefully will get a good report so we can hit the road again.  I do enjoy this area greatly – get to see our beautiful granddaughters, daughter and son-in-law but we are ready to travel again.

We did get to see the “Wings over Charleston” which was an air show here on the Charleston Air Force Base.  On Friday they had some planes opened plus all the pilots were practicing so we got to watch.  On Saturday when the base had over 125,000 people we sat by the campground and watched the show.  It was a great show watching the Thunderbirds, Golden Knights, Raptors, Strike eagle and all the other planes.  The Air Force should be proud for a wonderful show.

I still have not driven so Tim has to take me most places.  One Saturday I took our oldest granddaughter shopping at Town Center in Mount Pleasant.  This is a shopping area where you walk outside and into each store indivdually.  Emily is such a delight to be with – we walked and talked – even missed a store we wanted to go into cuz we were talking so much.  She seemed to enjoy the day also and came home with new shorts, tops, book and loads of earrings.  I could not read any prices so she would tell me the size and price – thanks Emily for helping grandmom plus having such a nice day.  We had lunch also and grandpop even joined us. 

Sunday we took Julia, our middle granddaughter whom will be 4, shopping.  Her choice was Wal-Mart.  She really made we laugh as she looks at everything first and then decides what she wants.  She ended up with a pony, sand sculpturing craft, sunglasses and books.  We also did lunch and she was excellent.  I hear so many young mothers say they cannot take their children shopping and it makes me wonder.  Guess I just have wonderful grandchildren.

This has been a quiet month for us – with eye problems it was very tiring to me.  Spent alot of time sleeping or just relaxing my eyes.  We did take a trip to visit with Lucille and Vinny one day and enoyed that greatly.  We did lunch at a great place right on the water – food was yummy and so much.  We walked on the beach alittle and of course I had to put my feet in the cold water.  We then went for alittle ride to see one of the  biggest campgrounds around – wow what a place.  Back to their place for good conversationn and then we hit the road to come back here.  Thanks guys for a wonderful day.

Mothers Day this year was very different for us.  We awoke early and got ready for church with the rain pounding and the winds blowing.  Turned on the tv and were told that tornado warnings were in effect.  We decided to just stay put – in case of an emergency we would not be driving.  Lasted about an hour and then it calmed down.  Joshua, our grandson, called to find out how to make french toast for his mom.  He is such a thoughtful kid – talked to his mom later and she said it was great.  Susan called an invited us over for dinner which we so enjoyed.  Our son-in-law Jerry made dinner and did a wonderful job.  Thanks for such a beautful day.  As I told Tim late last night I did two wonderful things in my life – I married him and had two beautful daughters.  God has been really good to me and I thank him each day.

I promise when we get on the road again I will write more often and more interesting subjects.  We are still enjoying ourselves – met lots of nice people here but have not been very busy.  Until later.