Greetings from New Mexico

Our remaining days in Charleston South Carolina were filled with fun and doctors.  We were able to celebrate both of our granddaughters birthdays.  Emily turned 9 – Julia 4.  We were very happy to spend time with our girls and will be happy to see them in California come September.

The eye doctor gave me clearance to leave – must get prescription reading glasses and have my eyes checked in 3 months.  My pupil is still dilated but I can see much better.  Whole new learning experience for me as I always took off glasses to read – now I must put them on.  Hard to teach an old lady new tricks.

Both Tim and I went to a new doctor in Charleston area and really liked her.  Our daughter recommended her and we were very pleased.  The best part was my blood pressure was perfect 120/70.  Have not seen those numbers since I was 40.  Yea – retirement is finally agreeing with us.  I also got my pap smear done and mammogram so all set with that for another year. 

We visited the Charleston Maritime Festival in Charleston.  They had 4 tall ships – the Amistad, the Schooner Virginia, the Corwith Cramer and South Carolina.  We paid to board the vessels but all you got to see was the main level.  It was interesting but not worth $15 each.  It was a fun day and glad we did it.

With beautiful sunshine we left Charleston at 8:30am and headed west on the 22nd.  We stopped at the rest area for lunch and had a bubble in our tire.  Thank goodness for road service – they came within the 1/2 hr and changed it for us.  We stopped up the road about 40 miles and bought a new tire.  We thanked God for keeping us safe.  As we were going around Atlanta we saw a car on fire – the tires actually were burning along with everything else.  It was unbelievable to watch something go so fast.  God was with the young girl whom owned the car – she was far away from it and fine.  We stopped for the night at a campground and just left the camper hooked to the truck.  After dinner we took a walk around the park and then watched tv before enjoying our nice comfortable bed.

Friday morning we were up early and left at 7:30am – once we hit the Alabama state line the time changed and we were now in central time zone.  We were going around Birmingham during rush hour.  The ride this day was beautiful with so many rolling hills and sooo green.  We crossed the Mississippi River and stopped for the night in Hazen, Arkansas.  We had planned to go in the morning to the Clinton Presidential Library but heard on the news they were having a huge riverfest – not a place you want to pull a 34 foot camper into.  We decided we would do that some other time – that is what is really nice about being full timers.  We drove into Oklahoma and stopped at a campground.  We decided to stay for 2 nights – time to relax.  We are doing this trip pretty fast as we would like to be in California the second week of June.  We are taking our 13 year old grandson for a few weeks to enjoy camping with us. 

Memorial Day was a beautiful sunny day but so windy going thru Ok, Texas and then into New Mexico.  Before I forget I want to thank my hubby, brother, brother-in-laws, friends and everyone else whom served in the military.  We live in such a wonderful country thanks to all of you.  God bless you all.

We stopped at Mountain Road Rv Park in Tucumcare for the night.  We had a nice steak dinner and watched some tv before calling it a day.  We again were in a new time zone – mountain time.  Our poor bodies are really messed up – keep saying to Tim – What time is it really?

Tuesday morning we left around 9 and headed west on I-40.  My hubby is the most careful person in the world when it comes to his truck and camper.  Well he checked the tires before we left and about 2 hours in to our ride he said something is wrong.  We pulled over and we had a blown tire on our camper.  I felt like crying but as Tim said we were safe and it is only money.  We called road service – got the tire changed and then went to the shop and bought 3 more tires.  We are not taking any more chances.  Now we have 4 brand new tires.

Our stop today was at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We have decided to stay here at least until Saturday and relax.  We hope to take the tram to the top of the mountain and have dinner also.  We did that 34 years ago on our way to a new duty station and enjoyed it so.  Wow that makes me feel old – yikes.  The campground is right on base and is quite nice.  Full hookups and laundry so we are happy.

Now we are back on the road I will try to write some each day.  Until later.