Getting cold here in California

Our week here at Travis Air Force Base has been kind of low keyed.  This has been a great base for us as we are close to everything and great sidewalks for walking.  Each day we walk about  2 miles plus do at least 30 minutes on my WII fit.  I must say that was a wonderful purchase – I use it every day doing step arobics.  I am determined to loose weight – I quit smoking 6 years ago after smoking for 40 years so I guess I can lose 20 pounds.  As Tim keeps telling me it takes time – I want to go toi bed tonight and all that excess weight be gone.  Why can it not work that way?

Last week Tim flew to Florida on Tuesday night and came home Friday at noon.  It really was weird for me to be alone but I kept busy and got along fine.  I much perfer to have him here though.  

I had to go to the kidney doctor on Wednesday for a  follow up as I had gout twice  in the last few weeks.  It makes it quite difficult as I cannot put on sneakers so stops most things.  As you know I am stuborn and try to walk anyways.  I got a very good report but he does want to see me before we leave thre area. 

On Thursday we went to a new eye doctor.  After 6 months on a prednisone eye drop four times a day, my eye finally looks like it is clearing up.  I will drop the drops each week down one until I am completly of them.  Please say alittle prayer that this time it will work – tried this 2 times already so I need the prayers.  The drops cost $90 for a small bottle and the military will not pay for them.  You have to take them so what can you do?  Just lucky that I can see fairly well and can still read.  I read at least two books a week plus loads of blogs – the newspapers and magazines.  I thank God for letting me keep my sight.  

We have been lucky while here though – we have gotten most of our other medicines on base for free.  After all these years we really are taking advantage of all our benefits when near a base.  In our old lives we lived 50 miles from the base  so while working we did not use the base very often.  It was just easier to shop locally.

Last Sunday Amanda, Tim and Josh came to visit with us.  We had a nice visit and then we all went out to dinner.  This Sunday we wil go into San Francisco to watch Josh play his first basketball game of the season for school.  That should be interesting.

I still have Christmas shopping to do – need to buy for Amanda, Tim and my hubby Tim.  I know what I want so it should be fairly easy and quick.  We will be going to Amanda’s house for Christmas as we have no room for a Christmas tree.  I do have my villages out and they look so pretty.  I also hung some santa’s up to make it festive,

Until next time have a wonderful week.