The week before Christmas from Travis AFB

The Christmas spirit has taken over – people are so happy and friendly this week.  Why can’t we be like this every day?  Oh to be fair most people are very nice and helpful – few jerks that get all the attention.  The exchange is over flowing with all types of stuff to buy for Christmas gifts.  I found a beautiful purse that I would really love to have – wonder if Santa will bring it to me.  Also asked for a new bottle of perfume but other than that really do not need anything.  We are very content with what we have in our small little home.  As you know I love clothes but I will have to lose some weight before I go that route. 

I am still using my WII fit each day – I think what I like the most about it is the variety of things you can do so you do not get bored.  I love the yoga and step the most. 

Yesterday on our walk I felt like I had Jillian from the biggest loser with me.  My hubby kept saying move it – no excuses – pretty tough man at the moment and I was getting just alittle mad.  Well this morning I got on the scale and had lost 1 1/2 lbs so it paid off.  Thanks hon.

Last Thursday night I was flossing my teeth and one of my caps fell out and went down the drain.  I went to the dentist and he said it would cost $1200 for a new cap.  Yikes.  They asked me if I had the cap as they can sometimes reuse it.  Of course I said no – it went down the drain.   I made an appointment for Wednesday to have this done.  My smart husband took the drain apart and found the cap – took it back to the dentist and they put it back on for $98.  Pretty good savings – maybe now he can buy me that purse????

Tim went to the doctor on Wednesday – he has a sore on his face that never healed.  They did a biopsy on it so we will wait for the results.  That skin cancer is hitting everyone, years ago we did not use sun screen – we put baby oil on our bodies and let them fry.  It was the in thing to do to turn red.  I can still remember many sleepless nights due to the heat and soreness from that sun.  I still love the sun but I do use sunscreen now.

The weather here is still pretty cold – it was warmer the other day in Connecticut than here.  We broke down yesterday and bought a little electric heater and it really puts out the heat near  where we sit each evening.  Good investment.

Tonight we are going to San Francisco to watch our grandson play basketball.  Last week we went to a game but he had been sick so he felt he did not play that well.  We will see what the results are tonight.

Another few weeks sitting still here and then we will start our journey south.  We have enjoyed being near Tim, Amanda and Josh but are ready to do some traveling.  Guess it gets into your blood – do not like to sit idle.

If I do not write before Christmas we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.  May your new year bring you joys and pleasures that you all deserve.  God Bless