Month of Janurary

Here it is almost a full month since writing again – would you believe it is because we are so busy.  I stil do not understand how I ever worked 8 to 12 hours a day and still had time to clean, do laundry, shop, and visit with family and friends.  My time now just disappears and before I know it it is time to make dinner or go to bed.  Yikes.

New Year’s Eve was spent with Amanda, Tim and Josh.  We had a nice dinner and played pinochle,  I love that game – so much fun.  We stayed up until 1:30am – drank and ate alot but had a really nice time.  We spent the night – got up around 10 and headed home.  We figured they needed time to themselves with only one day off from work.  Thanks Tim and Amanda for having us.

We attended the movie “The Day Time Stood Still” at IMAX.  It was a good movie considering it was Science Fiction and I really do not usually watch them.  We do not attend the movies to often so it was fun.

Another eye doctor appointment – trying very hard to get off the eye drops, down to one drop every other day so we are making progress.  The bottle is about 1 inch tall and cost $95 which my insurance will not pick up.  I have been on these drops up to 6 times a day since about the 26th of April.  Too long and too expensive.  Time will tell if my eye finally will adjust to no drops.

We visited the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, Ca.  This place became well known to the rest of the world when President Regan had them on his desk.  The tour was very imforative and completly free.  You get a good birds-eye view of every step of the candy making process.  It takes up to 20 days to create each jelly bean.  At the end you get to sample a few plus a free bag of jelly belly beans.  They have a wonderful cafe with great food – we were very pleased.  The store has over 150 different types of candy so we bought some.  We were able to get Christmas candy for a steal – candy is candy.  I am trying to lose weight but I could not resist trying some.  Now I eat one candy each day.  We highly recommend this place for a visit if you are ever in the area.

We visited Napa Valley for a wonderful tour of the Sterling Vineyards.  They take you up a 300 foot hill by aerial tram to visit the winery.    The tour is self guided with loads of photographs and displays explaining the wine making process.  The view was just beautiful and then we got to taste the wine.  Tim passed but Agnes, Steve and myself sampled them.  None of us were to impressed with the wine – I am just a cheap wine drinker but we did enjoy ourselves.  We then stopped at a wonderful deli located in the town of Calistoga.  We ordered sandwiches and then sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  After lunch we headed to California’s Old Faithful in Calistoga.  Back in 1975 Tim and I visited here for free.  Today they charge you to see this and we were not very impressed for the price.  The geyser shoots water 60 feet into the air for 3 to 4 minutes.  It happens every 40 minutes or so.  It is very different.  We then headed to another winery for a tour of the caves.  Because we did not want to sample wine they gave us a free tour of the caves and explained how the Chinese dug these in the 1880’s.  It was very interesting.  We had a really nice day – napa valley is just so pretty plus the weather was perfect.

One Friday we went into San Francisco and visited the California Academy of Science.  This wonderful museum is located in Golden Gate Park and just reopened.  They have a beautiful aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, african hall, swamp, and an island of evolution.  This was  truly a very interesting place to visit. 

Joshua , our grandson, celebrated his 14th birthday on January 12th and we got to celebrate with them.  We had a wonderful dinner and a great ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery.  We also were able to attend a few of his basketball games while in California.  Josh you play an awesome game. 

Our time to leave California and head south and then east was coming to an end.  We will miss Amanda, Tim and Joshua a great deal but hope to catch a military hop and return soon.  Thanks for all the wonderful memories we shared during the last 8 months.  We enjoyed being together and spending so much time with Josh.  Josh keep up the good work in school – you have the brains to accomplish anything you want.  We love ya.

On the 21st of January we left Travis Air Force Base and headed to Camping World.  They had a recall on our refrigerator so we had to have that fixed.  We arrived early and were very lucky as they took us right away.  This gave us an early start as we traveled to Lemoore Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California.  We decided to spend 2 nights at the base and just relax.  The campground was pretty nice but kind of expensive for military campgrounds.  We had a full hookup site for $23 a night. 

Friday, the 23rd we traveled to Wilderness Lakes Preserve which  is a thousand trails campground.  It was a hard trip as it rained and was very foggy climbing those huge hills on I-5.  Our truck really does a wonderful job pulling our 5th wheeler up those hills.  We arrived at the campground and met up with Jeff, Tim’s youngest brother.  We got 4 days – three nights for free from camping world.  We had to attend a 90 minute selling speel which we said no to.  We were not impressed with the grounds – too close together for us and about 4000 cows as our neighbors.  Yikes what a smell. 

On Monday morning as we got ready – I tried to bring in the dining room slide.  Would not come in all the way or go back out.  Tim and Jeff pushed it closed while I pushed the button to get it in.  Something is wrong but we wanted to leave and head to Las Vegas to the Desert Eagle RV Park at Nellis Air Force Base.  We arrived about 3 and got set up – slide would not work.  We are still here with the slide not open – thank goodness we have another slide in the living room.  It is a little crowded but we are manging okay.  We have it set to have it fixed next Tuesday in Tuscon, Az and it is covered by warranty.  Yeah!!!!!

I still am doing my WII exercises each day.  I have lost a few pounds and really enjoy doing this.  This is how I start my day – no more coffee or wine – plus I watch what I eat.  My goal is to lose 20 pounds slowly so I will keep the weight off.  I have never been a big eater but I got lazy when I started to work and never exercised very much.  That and age finally catch up with you.  While at Travis Tim and I walked each day around the base also which was great.

Today we took a ride to the Hoover Dam.  What an impressive wonder and the new bridge they are building is unbelievable.  Wow it is hard to believe what they can do and make it work. We also rode thru Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Our golden age pass got us in for free.  The scenery is just specatular and so different from the east coast.  The water level is quite low though – seems most of the west needs loads of rain or snow.  We have had about 3 days of rain in the last 8 months. 

We stopped at the Hacienda Hotel and Casino in Boulder City for lunch.  After eating we played the five cent slots – big spenders we are.  Tim lost $4 – I came out with $1.70 more.  It is fun to try them but I cannot believe how some people lose all their money in those places.  This casino had smoking so we did not stay long.  The smoke burns your eyes with such stale air.

I would like to hit a few of the big casinos here in Las Vegas tommorow to see what they look like inside.  We drove down the strip and checked them o
ut from the outside.  Some of them are just beautiful.  The MGM is home to several African lions and cubs which sounds really cool.  The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino transports visitors to an undersea ocean of sights, sounds and encounters with over 2,000 animals represting 100 different species.  The Silverton Hotel and Casino has a 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium where you watch them feed the fish.  These sound very interesting to me – will have to try and talk Tim into visiting as he is not a gambler and would be happy to not step inside a casino. 

On Saturday we will leave here and head to Kingman, Arizonia to visit friends we have not seen in over 33 years.  Looking forward to that.

We have met so many nice people everywhere we go – this is such a wonderful life.  God Bless until next time.