Beautiful weather in Charleston

The  last two days have been just beautiful.  The sun in out – shining brightly – and the beams are just so warm.  We sat outside for a good three hours yesterday after doing laundry.  So nice to sit and read and just enjoy the day.

Today our daughter Susan went with our oldest granddaughter on a school field trip.  So Tim and I went and picked up the two young ones from nursery school – gave them lunch – played with them and just enjoyed the day.  While I am taking care of children it makes me feel young again.  They are so full of energy and just so lovable. 

Tonight when we got back to the base there was alot of comotion in front of the mini mart.  Come to find out they were filming again for Army Wives.  Two weeks ago they also filmed inside the commissary.  So if you watch the program you will see Charleston Air Force Base, kind of cool.

We just returned from dinner at the galley.  We got two meals for the expensive cost of $5.75 tonight.  As I tell Tim we can not cook for that price and it is not to bad.  The thing I like about it is I can eat a huge salad while Tim can eat a meal.  Makes it nice.  Tommorow we will have our big meal at noon – better for you also.

Last week we were tempted to look at homes and condos.  We were thinking of settling down – then decided we like the freedom of being on the road and seeing all the different places and meeting all the people.  In June it will be 3 years and we have not seen half of this beautiful country.  Our plans right now are to leave Charleston, South Carolina at te end of the month and head to Florida.  We are going to a timeshare on Easter Sunday for two weeks and then will travel around the state.  On May 22nd we are meeting our daughter Susan and family at Disney to celebrate our granddaughters birthdays.  Emily will be 10 and Julia will be 5 so we should have a wonderful time.  We took our grandson to Disney when he turned 5 many years ago and had a wonderful time.  Nothing like seeing Disney thru the eyes of little ones. 

I am reading a really good book “Celebration” by Fern Michaels.  I love to read and always looking for good books.  We have started going to thrift shops looking at books as they are so much cheapier. 

Tommorow will be another beautiful day here in Charleston and then it will get cool again.  Low 60’s during the day by the weekend  – nice walking weather.

Keep a smile on your face and enjoy life to the fullest.