We left Naples on May 7th and headed north to Tampa.  We arrived at MacDill Air Force Base and where very happy to be here.  This is a really nice campground with loads to do right here on base.  The campground is quite large and during the winter it is impossible to get in due to the snowbirds spending the winter here.  We are located within a stone throw from the beach, the marina and seascape club.  The marina rents boats, has a ramp, sells small items and sells fuel for your boat.  Really nice.  The beach is just beautiful with nice sand and the best part was we could walk.  The water was warm but once out to your waist the bottom is filled with sea grass.  Not to comfortable on your piggies.

The campground has full hookup sites, a laundry, tenting area, dump, mail service, nice hall for special functions.  During the winter they hold lessons, games, bingo etc so it is a pretty active campground.  We met quite a few nice people while here – we have met nice people everywhere we go – campers are just friendly most of the time.

Our time here has been spent walking – two days we walked 5 miles each day.  Other days we walked at least two – this past week it has poured all the time so I have exercised by using my wii fit. 

We have also traveled the area to look at different areas.  One day we toured the coastline and enjoyed looking at all the pretty beaches and homes along the water.  We went by the condo we stayed in about 6 years ago – this was when Tim finally decided he enjoyed the beach.  Thank goodness cuz  I love it. 

The beach has been another one of our favorite places while here.  We bought two sand chairs in Target that we can carry on our back which makes it much nicer.  They even have a place to put your book, drink and suntan lotion so off you go for a nice day at the beach. 

Two days we had the truck serviced.  First we go new shocks – the truck has 90,000 miles on it so it was time.  Then one day we got new tires – expensive but necessary.  The car dealer was unbelievable.  They have a barber/beauty shop, nail salon, and a movie theater.  The movie was Superman and it plays for two hours.  What a great way to spend your time while waiting for your car.  I had a manicure and pedicure while waiting.  Just wonderful.  Also they had a hotdog roast so we got free hotdogs and chips.  So this trip to the car dealer was enjoyable for me.  The rest of the time I read and was happy.

We also got to see my youngest sister and her husband while we were here.  One day they came out and we went to the Seascapes for lunch – we sat outside and watched the water and boats.  Really pretty.  Then we sat outside in lawn chairs and talked and laughed.  At night we went to Carraba’s for dinner – they had never been there and really enjoyed it.  Another day they came out and we just sat in the camper and talked – it was pouring out.  At night we had ribs which Tim cooked in the crock pot.  They were so darn good – he is really a great cook.  All the years we were married he only cooked on the grill or while camping.  Now he does the meat every night while I do the rest of the dinner.  I love it.  Then I wash dishes – he puts the stuff away and dries.  Who has the better job?

We will leave Tampa tommorow morning and head to Orlando for two weeks.  We are staying in a Marriott timeshare – the first week our daughter Susan, her hubby Jerry and our three granddaugters will join us and we will spend 5 days at Disney.  Emily just turned 10 on Monday – Julia will be 5 this coming Monday and Makenzie is 2.  We should have alot of fun watching them on all the rides and seeing the characters.  The second week Tim and I will spend at Universal Studios.  We have 7 day passes to attend and we have never been there before.

Disney and Universal Studios have given every active duty and retired military person a free pass to the parks.  This was just to good of an offer to pass up.  Thanks for appreciating all these people have done for our country.  God Bless

We will be busy but I will finish our blog when we return home.  Until later keep smiling and loving each other.