Williamsburg, Va with Emily

Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia

Our next stop was Williamsburg, Virginia.  We stayed at the Naval Cheatham Annex campground which is located on the York River.  We had a full hookup site with table, showers, playground, basketball, and laundry.  We also overlooked the golf course which made it a very enjoyable stop.

We toured Colonial Williamsburg which offers an 18th century living history experience.  This colonial town has over 500 buildings and sits on 301 acres.  We toured the Governor’s Palace, 1776 capitol, blacksmith shop, printing office, magazine, courthouse, a farm, jail and homes.  If you have never been here this is truly and educational place which anyone would enjoy.  We had lunch at the Shields Tavern which was really nice.  The food was really good and we all enjoyed our day.  Emily, our 10 year old granddaughter,  got a bonnet that they wore back then and she looked just darling.  She enjoyed this stop greatly.

Jamestown settlement was our next stop.  This is a living history museum of 17th century Virginia.  We saw a film, got to see more than 500 artifacts from the English, African and Powhatan Indian cultures.   We got to see a Powhatan Indian Village that showed houses, storage areas, ceremonial circle, which gave us a taste of how they lived.  Emily got to grind corn which she found to be pretty cool.  They had 3 replica ships that you were able to climb aboard and see how they lived coming across the ocean.  It was all hands on which makes it much more enjoyable for everyone.  We also were able to see canoes made from tree trunks, a 1610 fort and had lunch in the café.  Tim and I had been to Jamestown before but had not done the settlement.  It was worth the cost and we all learned a lot.

We also did Historic Jamestown which is part of the National Park Service.  We were able to see the site of America’s first permanent English settlement.  You are able to see the 1607 James Fort excavation, the place where John Smith and Pocahontas were, see how life was in 1607 when 104 colonists arrive.  This brought back everything we had learned in school so many years ago.  The park service has done a wonderful job making you feel like you were there.

One day we toured Yorktown Victory Center where the American Revolution comes to life.  We watched a film about the siege of Yorktown, saw a continental army encampment, visited a 1780 farm and visited the museum.  We all enjoyed this stop.  Our next stop was Yorktown Battlefield which is where the final major clash of the American Revolution took place.  We saw a film, viewed tents and artifacts from the siege and saw the battlefield. 

We really enjoyed our visit to Williamsburg and a great history place.  Highly recommend this as a vacation spot for anyone.

After two weeks of vacation with grandpop and grandmom we took Emily back home.  She enjoyed her visit with us and wanted to know if she could do it again next year.  Guess that means she had a good time.  Thanks Emily for sharing those two weeks with us.  We were able to see things thru her eyes, she made us laugh and also made us feel young.  Being with young ones keeps you very busy and on your toes at all times.  She was able to meet a lot of kids and we hope enjoyed all the history.

Until next time