Spring is here March 10 thru the 15th

Wednesday morning we left Valdosta, Georgia and headed west on route 84 for Lake Seminole corps of engineers park around 8:45am.  We took the back roads again and enjoyed them greatly. We are now staying at Eastbank Campground wich is located on Lake Seminole.  Our site is right on the lake and it is just beautiful.  They have 65 sites with water and electric, nice showers, 1 washer and 1 dryer, tables, lantern posts, firerings, dump station, picnic shelter, volleyball and badminton nets, horeshoes, shuffleboard and a nice boat ramp.  The best part is the lake view and because we are old we get to camp for half price.  $10 a night cannot be beat.

Lake Seminole lies within the borders of both Georgia and Florida and has over 376 miles of shoreline.  The lake makes me wish we had a boat – even a small one just to enjoy the beauty.  This lake does not have a place to rent them so we were stuck on land.  The first day here was just so nice and warm and that is why I said spring is here.  That did not last long at all, the rain moved in and heavy winds that shook us up alittle.  We did get a few walk in during breaks in the rain plus a ride around the area.  This area really does not have much other than the lake – no shopping except the Dollar General store and a grocery store.  Our time was spent playing on our computers, watching tv, reading and doing my WII fit. 

We have eaten well while here and all at home which is good for us.  I really am trying to be healthy and lose some more weight – I lost 20 lbs last year but gave up exercise and gained 10 back so exercise is a must.

Tommorow we leave here and head west – no definite plans other than New Orleans as a good stop over in a few days.  We have never been so it should be really interesting.  My sister Sharon gave me alot of good ideas on what to do while there plus one of the guys here at the campground told Tim about a free ferry and shuttle.  We are really looking forward to that.  We also hope to stop in Mississippi at Kiesler Air Force Base and hit the commisary and exchange.  Food is getting low and Tim’s pipe broke. 

I just finished reading the book “Between Sisters” by Kristin Hannah which I highly recommend.  Just started another one of her novels called
“On Mystic Lake” which has really caught my attention.  I started about 3 different books and just could not get into them – will put them away and try again another day.  Some books take along time to get your interest and I have no patience at this time for that.

Hope your all enjoying your Sunday – and have a very successful week.  Until next time