August 2010

On the 3rd of August we hooked up and hit the road heading south with our grandson for a few weeks of vacation.  Our first stop was for lunch and then diesel and then on to Vandenburg Air Force Base for 2 nights.  The campground was pretty filled so we ended up in site 43 which is a parking lot with hookups.  Not to pleasant.  While here we ate at the galley one night for dinner and for the 3 of us it cost $8.40.  You cannot beat that for dinner and it was pretty good.  While here we stocked up on food at the commissary and wine and then just relaxed for a day.  The weather was pretty cool – okay for walking but no warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.  I always thought California had warrm weather especially in the beginning of August.  I guess this is what global warming is all about – the East coast is having brutal summer temps and the west is cool. 

Our next stop was Seabreeze RV Resort at the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach.  This is a really nice campground with full hookups for $27 a night.  Beautiful laundry for free and nice track for walking. The only bad thing is they have no commissary and a very tiny exchange.  Really does not feel like you are on a military installation.  

 While here we walked on the pier at Seal Beach and enjoyed the summer breezes.  Loads of people where in the water but certainly not warm enough for me.  Seal Beach is a cool little town though and has many unusual stores.  It could be a fun place to shop but the guys had no interest in doing that.

Another day we went to Knotts Berry Farm which is a really nice amusement park and they let seniors in for only $19.99 each.  Plus they gave us a military rate for Josh which was only $29.99 for him.  I went on two rides only – the first one was the worst – closed my eyes and just prayed for it to end.  The second one was the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster which is the biggest and baddest suspended coaster in the west.  It was an old wooden coaster and scared the living daylights out of me.  That ended my rides and the rest of the day Josh rode alone.  Guess I am getting to old for rides – I used to love them in younger days.  We did have fun walking the park and watching people. 

Our next stop was Camp Pendleton the huge marine base in southern California.  We arrived at Del Mar Beach where the campground is located and we backed right up on the beach.  Nothing like walking out into sand or looking out the windows and watching the water.  So relaxing and peaceful.  We spent everyday enjoying the warm sunshine sitting in our chairs in the sand on the beach.  Josh spent many a nights sleeping under the stars with his sleeping bag and pillow right on the sand.  Josh did go in the water but it felt like it was about 50 degrees – much too cold for me.  I did enjoy just watching the water – the people and the military doing training.  I could of stayed here along time but this is a very popular place for campers.  At $30 a night with full hookups it is truly a wonderful destation.

While there our refrigerator quit and we lost most of our food.  We had to pay $2700 for a new one – nothing reasonable about buying appliances for an rv.  We did have a rv mobile repairman come out and fix it right at the campground which was good.  Now we have a brand new one and really enjoying that.  Using coolers grew pretty old – reminded me of years ago tent camping.

Most nights Josh and I ran on the beach – I keep trying but I doubt I will ever be a runner.  Guess I will have to do my 5K at 65 years old walking and running alittle at a time.  I will keep striving to attain my goal though.

On the 19th of August we left Camp Pendleton and headed back north thru Los Angeles traffic which is the worst in the world.  We stopped for the night at Sommerville Almond Tree Rv Park in Coalinga.  It was a very nice park with full hookups and a great stop for one night.  We journeyed onto northern California and attempted to stop at the fairgrounds in Pleasanton but they wanted $50 a night and we quickly veto that.  Back to Sharpe Depot for awhile.

The end of the month brought us back to Alameda Fairgrounds where we will spend a few months.  Stay tuned