September 2010

We started September off supervising Joshua with home schooling.  This will keep us fairly busy but will also keep us stationary for awhile.  He must go into school every Thursday for tests and new assignments so stay tuned on how this works out. 

On the 2nd they had a sale at the Camp Parks Base in Dublin – it consisted of case lot sales with really good buys.   We were able to get quite abit of supplies for the next month.  Never been to a case lot sale before but it was well worth the trip.  It pays at times to have been in the military.  They do so much more today for the military man and woman – thanks to the commissary sales

On the 4th of September Tim and I got on the bart (which is the Bay Area Rapid Transit) for a ride into San Francisco.  For $5 each you can ride into the city and then not worry about parking or paying a toll on the bridge.  We were armed with our suitcase also as we would spend two nights at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.  We got a beautiful room with a sitting area on the 6th floor.  This hotel is huge with 39 stories, beautiful pool, restaurants and bars.  The best part is the location on 4th Street and Market Street.  We were able to walk to Union Square which is the central shopping, hotel and theater district area in San Francisco.  We first went shopping at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Eddie Bauer etc looking for a new jacket.  The weather in San Francisco is much colder than anywhere else in the bay area – think it is at least 20 degrees cooler.  I was freezing with my light jacket so I bought a down jacket which kept me quite warm.   

Our next stop was Andersen Bakery on Market Street where we had a nice lunch of sandwiches and coffee.   My sandwich was a chicken salad with chicken, apples, celery, lettuce, sprouts, onions, toasted almonds and dijon mustard. Tim had a turkey and fresh mozzarella which he said was very good.  Very nice lunch. 

We then started walking and found the Yerba Buena Gardens.  What a beautiful place plus they were having a free concert.  We sat on the wall and listened to the music for awhile and then walked and admired the beautiful plants, art work and statues in the gardens.  Inside one of the buildings we came upon a display of photographs by Robert Cameron.  He was an aerial photograph whom took many famous shots all over the world.  It was so interesting looking at these and appreciating the work he accomplished. 

Our next stop was Saint Patrick Catholic Church on Mission Street.  This church was founded in 1851 and is now a historic landmark.  It has served the Irish immigrants, Spanish and now the Filipinos Community.  It is a beautiful church with such wonderful details.  Today they do not build churches like that – could you imagine the cost today?  It really blows my mind looking at all the details on buildings from years ago when everything was so manual.  What great craftsmen back then.

We went back to the hotel and went up on the 39th floor to the bar and enjoyed a few cocktails.  Back to the room to clean up and then walked to Macys.  What a nice store – we were thinking of doing dinner there but a wait of 2 hours.  No restaurant is worth that wait.  We walked up the street and had dinner at Johnny Foley’s Irish House on O’Farrell Street.  This is an authentic Irish Pub.  We sat next to two couples from Australia and enjoyed talking to them about traveling the world.  We had a nice dinner of prime rib and everything was wonderful.  We then walked some more – San Francisco is like New York – you can walk and walk and never be bored.  We went back to the hotel and back to the bar for a few more cocktails and a nice chat.  All in all a beautiful day.

Sunday morning we were up early and ready for another busy day.  Today is our 40th wedding anniversary so we will enjoy our day being together.  I cannot believe that 40 years has passed so quickly.  Wow – I love you Tim more today then I did 40 years ago.  Thanks for being my best friend.

We set out walking again this morning and stopped for a pastry and a cup of coffee.  The coffee house was really busy but the coffee was not too good – crowds do not make it good I guess.

Our first walk was to Chinatown.  Loads of stores, restaurants, markets, parks and homes.  It is an interesting area to tour.  We have been here before so we just walked and enjoyed watching the people and looking at the buildings.  Would have loved to tour the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company which makes over 10,000 cookies every day but it was Sunday morning. 

We wandered down to Fisherman’s Wharf which is the most popular destination in this city.  You can take a boat cruise, shop, eat, see sourdough bread being made, watch people, sea lions, shows etc.  Very active area and very interesting.  We strolled the area and enjoyed buying so goodies at Ghiradelli’s.  We then had a nice lunch at Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39.  We had a nice seafood dinner and everything was delicious.  We watched the boats cruising out in the bay while eating and also watched the sea lions. 

We then started walking up Powell Street and felt like our energy level was dropping.  We decided to get on the bus and ride back to the hotel.  We picked the right bus cuz it wandered all over but stopped right outside of our hotel.  What luck as we were tired.

We stopped at 4th Street Bar and Grill for a drink and some pretzels.  Enjoyed our talk with the bartender and then returned to our room for about an hour to just relax. 

We stopped at the Concierge desk to find a nice retaurant for dinner.  They recommended Zingari Ristorante on Post Street and made reservations for us.  We walked thru Union Square and arrived at the restaurant for a wonderful dinner.  Great Italian food, great service, and good company.  After dinner we wandered around and then headed back to the Marriott and the wonderful bar on the 39th floor.  Enjoyed more drinks and then time for bed.  Think I drank more today then I have in years – thank goodness for all the walking.  All in all a wonderful day.

Monday morning we woke up early and decided to go in the hot tub.  Felt really good on our tired muscles.  We then went out for breakfast – back to the room to pack.  We had a wonderful weekend and hope we can do this again someday soon.  Such a fun city and so much to see and do.

September was a month of birthdays.  Our granddaughter Makenzie turned 4 on the 18th and how I wished I could have celebrated with her.  She is such a sweet girl and just darling.  She had a nice birthday party which she loved.  I will be happy to celebrate with you next year Makenzie.  Grandpop and I love ya.

On the 24th our youngest grandaughter Grace turned 1.  You wonder where the time goes – wow they are all growing up so fast – does that mean that I am getting old? 

On the 25th I celebrated my 64th birthday – nice day and I got to talk to my daughters and all my grandchildren which made it so special.  Thanks to you all.

This month has been a hard month for me – at times I want to give up this lifestyle – and then I don’t.  I think it is sitting still for so long plus not a great campground – nothing here except full hookups.  Our awing almost touches our next door neighbor.  I must rethink and get myself in better moods.  Until next time