Month of October 2010

This has definitly been a different month for us – we have volunteered and really enjoyed that experience.

The month started off with us volunteering at the “Panama Red Coffee Company Block Party which benefitied the Tri-Valley Haven.  This organization helps domestic violence cases, sexual assaults victims and the homeless.  They had a 5K race, kids activities, vendors, music, auctions, food, wine and beer.  It was happening in Livermore, Calif and we became a part of this.  At first we were part of the 5K race sponors.  We stood at different locations directing trafffic while the race was run.  after the race we found a job for Josh but nothing for us so we walked around Livermore enjoying the scenery and looking in stores.  Josh was able to get 10 hours for this work towards his community service which made us all very happy.  Tim and I enjoyed the experience and enjoyed working with Josh also.

On the 4th of October we started volunteering at the Open Heart Kitchen in Pleasanton, California three days a week.  We were assigned different duties but mostly Tim doing dishes, Josh doing the salad bar, dishes and being a waiter and myself as a server which made we serve up plates for the seniors dinners.  It become a wonderful experience for all of us – we felt we finally gave back to the community in someway and were really appreciated.  It made us feel good plus very easy work.  I think going forward we will find places to voluteer and  help the comminity we are staying at plus help us feel useful.  Being retired at times makes you lazy and forget how important others are – love volunteering opportunities.

On the 9th we walked the Alameda Fairgrounds and took a walk to Pleasanton which made a 3 miles walk.  We stopped at Tully’s Coffeee Shop and had a nice frozen drink, bought a little sign at the Berry Patch which is a store that supports local artists.  We also went in Kasasia Jewelers and had my rings cut off and resized as I have gained alot of weight in the last 40+ years of wearing them.  We also stopped at the Museum on Main to explore the changes that impacted the town.  It was a really cool musuem and I love the town as they brought it back to life -so many people walking around and enjoying dinner, etc.  I wish you could see this happen in other towns so that they also would thrive.

Anothher day we toured he Alviso Adobe Community Park in Pleasanton.  This park has an adobe house constructed in 1854 and became a park in 2008.  In 1919 it was purchased by Walter Briggs to house his workers when he started the Meadowlark Diary.  This was the first certified dairy in California and was used as a dairy until 1969.  This was a very interesting park and we totaly enjoyed the experience.

On the 14th we went to Panera Bread for lunch.  I had the Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich which was out of this world.  Tim had the Fontego Chicken Panini which he really enjoyed.  We then went shopping at Target as they now carry food and have great buys.

On the 16th we stopped and realized my Dad died 7 years ago.  How I miss my parents as they tried their hardest to provide us with a wonderful life.  As you grow older you realize the sacarifices that they made for us.  Mom and Dad I truly miss you both greatly.

Another Saturday we walked downtown and did the farmers market as they have the best tomatoes around.  We also went to “Amarone Cucina Italian Restaurant and sat outside and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  I haed a Meatball Panini and Tim had a Chicken Pesto PaniniThi which really topped our reviews.  Great food and enough to take home and have the reminder for dinner.  Great day.

This month has been a hard one for me – I feel alittle depressed but try to remind myself that better days are ahead.  A few more weeks and we will move to Travis Air Force Base which should help me as alot of walking, gym, stores, beauty salon and just different opportunities to keep busy. 

Until next time keep me in your prayers – love ya all.