November, 2010

The month of November started with us volunteering again at the Senior Housing here in Pleasanton, California.  I spent most of the days serving up food while Tim did dishes.  He became a real master at dishwashing – said it brought back lots of memories from high school when he washed dishes to pay for schooling.  I have really enjoyed the volunteering and meeting so many nice kids and adults. 

We took a ride one day to Fry’s Electronics which is a fun store to shop in.  I believe it has everything you need for computers, tv’s etc.  I enjoy just looking around at that different things and watching the people.  Some really serious computer geeks shop here!  LOL

On the 9th of November we moved about 50 miles north to Travis Air Force Base which is in Fairfield, California.  The Fam Camp is really nice with full hookups, table, patio, showers, and a nice laundry.  The cost of $17 per nite is another wonderful benefit which we love.  It surly helps the budget for the months we stay there.  The fam  camp has 72 sites and is across the street from the post office, exchange and commissary.  I love this base because I can walk to so many things – shop plus get in some exercise.

One day we went to Ikea in West Sacramento and enjoyed our time just walking around and looking.  Anyone that needs furniture on a budget would be luck in this store.  We like to look as it has setups for small houses and gives us ideas to make our home more liveable.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with Amanda, Tim, Josh, and Gracie.  Amanda and Tim made a delicious dinner with turkey, dressing, potatoes, yummy sweet potatoes, corn and all the other dishes we love for the holidays.  We even had Clam dip which brings back so many memories of my parents.  Thanks guys for a wonderful day.

The day after Thanksgiving Tim and I took a ride to Napa and enjoyed looking around.  We are the only ones I think that go to Napa and not drink abit of wine – lol.  We stopped and had a really nice lunch and just enjoyed the scenery.  Great day.

Josh spent alot of time with us this month but has been doing really well with school.  He is able to maintain all A’s and B’s which makes us very pleased.  He spends most weekends paintballing which he loves.  We took him a few weeks and we enjoyed the different towns we went too.  One day we were in Sacramento and another in Davis which turned out to be a very interesting town.

All in all the month went quickly – lots of shopping and walks – did lots of Christmas shopping and enjoyed that.  Stay tuned for December.