December 2010 and January 2011

This has been a very hard time trying to do a blog when you really do not do anything different each day.  When you travel and see different things it is quite easy so that shall start in Feb.

The highlight this month was I flew to South Carolina for a week to see our daughter Susan, son-in-law Jerry and our beautiful 3 granddaughters.  It was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed shopping with all 3 girls alone.  It gave me great grandmom time which I love so.  How I wish our children lived closer so I could see all the grandchildren more often.  While in South Carolina we were able to do more Christmas shopping, play, enjoyed just spending time with them and enjoyed great dinner times.  At dinner time they all tell about their day and it was interesting to hear school tales etc.   Thanks Shallo’s for a wonderful time.

Christmas was a special time for us also.  We went to Amanda’s (our daughter) and Tim’s home on Christmas Eve.  We attended a church service first then came back to their home for a great dinner.  We enjoyed talking and spent the nite.  Christmas morning we were up early to watch Gracie open her presents.  She is just 15 months old so it was fun – she went from one thing to another.  Santa was really good to her.  Joshua enjoyed all his gifts also especially his paintball stuff.  We had a wonderful dinner and really enjoyed our day.  Thanks to the Vogels for a wonderful time.

New Year’s Eve we were suppose to go back to the Vogel’s but Amanda was not feeling well so we just stayed home and enjoyed time alone with Josh.  We watched the ball drop in New York and enjoyed all the excitement.

Santa was also very good to me this year as he is most years.  Gift certificates to Nordstrom’s, Barnes  and Noble, clothes, perfume, jewelry and new silverware.  Thanks to my family for being so good.

Josh has continued to do really good with his school work and will be going back to school on the 24th of Jan.  Home schooling is hard especially for a teenager – I think they need the interaction with other kids.   He has impressed us with his cooking skills and we enjoyed sampling each item.

January was a cold month even here in California – I still wore a winter jacket but no snow.  We did take a ride one day to Lake Tahoe to see the snow and just enjoyed the beauty of it all.  The lake is huge and so pretty – now I need to see it in summer time.  We also went to Squaw Valley – had lunch at the inn and watched the people come down those huge hills on skis.  Wished I had learned to ski so many years ago as it looked like fun.  I am  too old now to try that – old bones would not like falling even in the snow.

We moved from Travis Air Force Base back to Pleasanton for our last two weeks in this area.  This way we can spend more time with the kids before heading out. 

Promise that starting Feb 1st our blogs will be more interesting as we travel across this wonderful coutry.  Our first stop will be Yosemite National Park so stay tuned.