Charleston, SC March 2011

The month of March was spent at Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC to visit with family, friends and visit doctors. 

One day we took Makenzie, our 4 year old granddaughter, to the Children’s Museum in downtown Charleston.  What a wonderful idea – they have things to do art projects, play on boats, grocery shop and actually pick out food and ring it up, water games etc.  Makenzie really enjoyed herself.  We then went for lunch and then Makenzie and I had our nails done.  Grandpa passed on this part of our day – wonder why?

One weekend we had both Makenzie and  Julia spend the night – they were so good.  Grandpa slept on the blow up mattress while we all slept in our bed.  Such good girls – in the morning we went for a nice hike in the woods which they loved.  So enjoyed being with them.

One day we went to the Aquarium in downtown Charleston and enjoyed watching the fish, played in the playroom, watched the movie, had lunch and just had lots of fun with Makenzie.  Her sisters are in school during the day so time alone with her which is nice for us all.

Julia had a special day with grandmom also – we went shopping at the mall – had lunch and just enjoyed being together.  She fell in love with the Body And Bath Shop and had to have a bunch of things from there.  She also found a book that se wanted – forget what else but we enjoyed ourselves.

We had a nice cookout at the campground with a bunch of people which was very enjoyable.  Thanks so much to Darcy and Rich for inviting us to join them.

Tim went to the regular doctor, heart doctor and gastro doctor while here and good reports from them all.  We even had bone density tests which went off well also.

One day Emily and I had a shopping trip – first we did lunch at Faz which she loves and then to the outlet mall.   She got a bunch of tops and shorts which made her so happy – then we went for ice cream – had a wonderful day with a special young lady.

Watching Julia play soccer was another highlight of our time in Charleston.  She is a very good player – really does well – guess she will take after her dad playing.

A visit with Lucille and Vinny and a wonderful dinner at a restaurant on the beach.  I had lobster and it was out of this world – yummy.  Enjoyed seeing you guys again and hope it will not be to long before we get together again.

On April 1st we drove to Columbia on Friday night and spent the night at the Marriott.  We went out for a nice Italian dinner with Sue, Jerry, Julia and Makenzie.  Saturday morning we attended Julia’s gymnastics competion.  She did really well and we were so proud of her.  We then went to Charlotte to IKEA.  Susan and Jerry bought a new desk for their office and we needed to put it in our truck for the ride home.  I love that store and we had a wonderful lunch of Swedish Meatballs.  They are pretty good, not as good as mom used to make though. 

Sunday April 3rd we celebrated Jerry’s birthday and said our goodbyes.  Tommorow morning we leave for Flordia – stay tuned.