April 2011

Well in the last post failed to mention that we were suppose to change our site on March 28th and got everything stowed and realized the slide on the curb side would not come in.  After trying several times with lots of people trying to push it in we decided it was not going to budge.  We called a mobile repair guy whom came out in the pouring rain and realized that one of the bolts broke off.  He said he would find a new one and return the next day.  The next day bright and early he showed up – replaced the bolt and the slide moved like a charm.  $190 later we were happy campers.

On April 4th we left Charleston and headed south stopping at the rest area in Florida for lunch.  We arrived in Ocala, Florida and checked into Santos Campground which is part of the Green Ways Trails in Florida.  The campground is small but very neat with water and electric sites.  We picked this campground as it is really close to the rv dealer whom will be fixing our camper later this month. 

Tueday morning we woke to pouring rain so we just read for awhile and then decided to check out Ocala.  This area is known as the Horse Capital of the world with the highest number of horses and virtually every brand of horse.  While in this area it is hard to believe you are in Florida as it as rolling hills and so green.

We had the camper checked out on Wednesday morning so they could order what parts we would need to get it fixed.  Our camper will finally have the new window plus fixing all the damage from the blow out.  We will be back in two weeks to have this work accomplished.

Our next stop was MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.  We love this area as we get to see my sister and brother-in-law plus it is on the beach.  While here we attended our neice’s wedding in Clearwater Beach right on the beach.  It was an elegant wedding and then we attended a nice reception right at the beach.  The sun was shining and the heat was pretty high but still a beautiful day.   Thanks Jen and Howard for letting us share in your special day.

While in the area we enjoyed the beach, walks, rides, shopping and visiting with family.  Spent two wonderful weeks there and then headed back to Ocala to drop off  the camper.  While it is being fixed we checked into Celebration World Resort located in Orlando, Florida.  This timeshare had a beautiful pool but nothing else – couldn’t even take a long walk as they are putting in pipes along the road which made it quite dangerous.  At least it was clean plus we had a washer and dryer which made me a happy mama.

Easter Sunday fell on April 24th and we attended a sunrise service at Sea World.  It was a beautiful service with a spectular sunrise as we were listening to the sermon.  What a wonderful crowd to celebrate Easter with Chris Sligh from season 6 of American Idol leading us in song .  We went to Panera Bread for a bagel and a good cup of coffee after the service.  Later in the day we took a ride downtown Kissimmee and then around the lake – stopped for pizza as Tim was having the urge for it.  It was very good and filled our bellies.

One day we took a ride to the town of Mount Dora.  My sister and brother-in-law had told us about this town and we decided to check it out.  Whatat  a fablous little town.  We walked around peeking into many shops and then had a wonderful lunch where the locals eat at a place called One Flight Up.  You actually had to walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor.  What wonderful food and got to sit outside on the porch.  We walked down to the lake and enjoyed the quiet and beauty of the water.  On the way back to the condo we stopped at Lake Louisa State Park located in Clermont, Florida.  This is a wonderful park with a nice campground, swimming, fishing, boating, 6 lakes, 2 streams, 4500 acres and 23 miles of trails.  It is a fairly new state park being purchased in 1973 and opened in 1977.  We enjoyed our stop and hope to return some day.

Another day we visited the Ochid Place which was up the street from the condo.  Some of the flowers were just beautiful but on a whole quite run down.  The visit was free and Tim and I both agreed if they charged they could fix up the building.  It could turn into a gold mine.  They ship all over the world so alot must happen behind the scenes.

We also took a ride to Largo to visit with my sister Ann and her hubby.  We went out to lunch and really enjoyed being with them again.

On the 29th we checked out of the condo and checked into Vacation Village at Parkway.  We had a wonderful condo on the 6th floor with a nice balcony which we love.  This timeshare had a beautiful pool, nature walk, activities, basketball, shuffleboard, playgrounds, horseshoes, fitness center, shuttle bus, grills and a place that sold food at the pool.  We were very pleased with the timeshare.  Again our own washer and dryer – see how little things thrill me.  LOL

We took a ride to Disney World Fort Wilderness Campground to check out the place for our visit in September.  Makenzie, our granddaughter, will turn 5 and we do something special with our grandchildren on their 5th birthday.  We just fell in love with the place.  So looking forward to our visit.

A visit to Celebration was another experience.  This is a planned community developed by Walt Disney Company in 1996.  It has schools, parks, housing, shops, offices, restaurants, etc.  We enjoyed walking around and even checked out a few stores.  It really is a very pretty town and well kept.  The stores were alittle pricey so we just looked but totally enjoyed our day.

Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales was another stop.  In the early 1920’s Author Edward W Bok commissioned artisans to create a stunning landscape garden with a 205 foot 60 bell carillon tower.  The carillon tower plays beautiful music so we sat on a bench and closed our eyes and just listened to the wonderful sounds.  They play a different song every 30 minutes.  We walked on the trails, visited the visitor center and historical museum and really enjoyed this visit.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Blue Palmetto Cafe.  Another wonderful day.

We found the following card which I really liked.  It said
“The Gift of God is Eternal – The Wages of Sin is Death – You may tie your shoestrings in the morning, but the undertaker may untie them before night.  Are you ready to meet your maker?”  This really gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

On May 4th was our daughter Susan’s Birthday so we called and wished her a happy birthday.  No matter how many years pass you remember the day you delivered your baby.  I have such fond memories of that day etched in my mind.  I have been so blessed with two beautiful daughters, 2 wonderful son-in-laws and 5 wonderful grandchildren.  Thank you Lord.

One night we went to Landry’s Seafood Restaurant and I had a wonderful dinner of lobster and Tim had scallops.  What wonderful food – yummy.  Think this is my favorite restaurant in the Orlando area.

On the 6th we checked out of the timeshare and headed to Ocala to pick up our camper.  More to come in next blog.