May 2011

I have been alful about doing the blog – seems the more time I allow to go bye the harder it is.  I will try to capture what we have done that was fun and interesting this summer.

On May 6th we picked up the camper and headed north stopping at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base for the weekend.  We both like this campground as it has everything you need – even a free laundry.  We had a nice relaxing weekend and got ready to leave Monday morning and realized something was wrong with the camper.  Back to Ocala for repairs and also to get the window installed.  On the 12th of May we were finally ready to head north and arrived in Charleston on the same day.  Checked into Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek and got set up.  We will be here a couple of weeks to visit doctors and children.  On the 15th all 3 granddaughters were in a dance recital and must say they all did a wonderful job.  I love watching them perform and see how they have improved over the years.  It was 2 years ago that we watched them so alot changed in that time period.

While in Charleston area we celebrated Emily’s 12th birthday and Julia’s 7th birthday.  Are they getting older or is it just me – wow I feel old now.  I remember my children being that age and all the wonderful memories of them.  Time sure flies when your having fun.

During this time frame we also went out on the boat with Susan and family and so enjoyed that.  Charleston has so much water with islands galore to explore.  What fun that has been.

One day we even had dinner sitting on the beach for a different experience.  The weather is just beautiful to enjoy being outside most of the day and evening. 

We also got to visit with friends and that wraps up another month in our lives.  We stay busy most of the time going places, shopping, laundry, cleaning, taking rides, boat riding, hiking and of course reading.  Our lives seem to be filled with all kinds of pleasures and we thank the Lord each day for such a blessed life.