January 2012

We started the New Year 2012 in our favorite place – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We spent a beautiful week in the Marriott Surf Watch.  We enjoyed walking on the beach, shopping, dinner with Marie and Jerry, hiking at Pinckney Island, and just relaxing.  We also took one day and went to Palmetto Bluff with Marie and Jerry – what a beautiful place.  We had a nice lunch at Buffalo’s Cafe.  The week went very fast and before we knew it we were heading west.

Our first night was spent at Lake Pines Campground in Midland Georgia.   Scott came out to visit with us that first night – great to see him again and had a nice talk.

Heading west in Selma, Alabama we experienced another blowout with more damage to our rv.  We stopped in Meridian, Mississippi and spent three nights here at the Benchmark Coach and RV Park.  While here we visited the Causeville General Store wich is on the National Register of Historic places.  The store opened in 1895 and was a post office, doctors office, barber shop and motion picture theather.  Today is operates as a convience store and has loads of interesting stuff to look at.  We talked to the owner for quite awhile – a very interesting lady.  We also visited Highland Park where they have an old Dentzel carousel which was used the St Louis Exposition, and a Jimmie Rogers Museum.  Because of the time of the year they were closed so we just walked around and admired the grounds.  We also visited the train station which is still very active.  Years ago over 44 trains left here daily.

Tim called a tire company to find out what tires we could put on the rv and stop all these blowouts.  Not only do you have the expense of a tire but it damages your rv.  They recommended tires and said they we could get them in Jackson, Mississippi.  They were very expensive so just praying that the expense pays off.  While they were installing them we drove around Jackson.  That night we stopped at Movie Town Rv Park in Canton, Ms.

We have heard alot about the Natchez Trace Parkway so we decided to give it a try.  We took a few walks, visited the Visitor Center, enjoyed the scenery but really enjoyed French Camp.  This is a christian boarding school to help troubled teens.  What a wonderful place.  We ate lunch at the Council House Cafe which the students run.  Wonderful food.

Graceland Rv Park in Memphis Tennessee was our next stop.  We had never been to Elvis Presley’s home and wanted a chance to see it.  We had heard such wonderful things and we were not disappointed.  We were able to tour his home, private airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, yards, gym and his grave site.  It was a very interesting stop to see how the most celebrated entertainer in the world lived. 

Little Rock Air Force Base in Little Rock, Arkansas became our home for 4 days.  While here we grocery shopped, toured Little Rock and visited the Clinton Presidential Library.  We were very impressed and found it quite interesting.

The GPS took us up over the mountain in heavy fog which scared me to death.  Tim is a wonderful driver thank goodness so we arrived safe at Fayetteville, Ark.  This was another interesting stop – we saw the movie “War Horse”, toured the town, dinner at Olive Garden and a shopping trip at Hobby Lobby.  While here we drove the truck to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and spent the night. The next morning we went and got our drivers licenses so now we are legal for 4 years.  We actually saw snow and sleet while here.

Spring Creek Village Mobile Home Park in Plano, Texas was a weekend stop.  We came here to visit and old friend and her hubby – wonderful visit and great dinner.  We spent Sunday visiting the “6th Floor Museum” at Dealey Plaza.  This is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in 1963.  He was on the 6th floor and shot out of the window as the presidential car went bye.  They did a really super job at this museum.  We then took a nice walk around Dallas and had lunch at The Butcher Shop Steakhouse.

Escapee’s Rainbow Park in Livingston, Texas was a stop to have our truck and camper weighed.  We are alittle overweight but shall clean out the basement again to downsize. 

Austin, Texas here we come.