July/August 2012

I am going to combine July and August because we have been stationary and really have not done too much.  We are enjoying visiting with Amanda, Tim, Joshua, Grace and Elijah. 

The fourth of July was celebrated here at the campground the Saturday after.  they did fireworks and had a band, picnic and games.  Really nice day. 

On July 9th Tim and I went to the Marriott’s Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe.  The resort is just beautiful – our only complaint was we had a lockoff and no way to cook which we like to do.  We were only there for four nights so out to dinner each night.  Lake Tahoe is a beautiful area and we kept very busy.

The first day we walked down to the beach to see what it looked like.  It is a lake so not what I like to swim in lol.  I am a ocean girl, lived near the ocean all my life so that is why.  The water was cold as I put my toes in and mostly only children were swimming.  It is a private beach and they have a marina, store, grill and rent jet skis and boats.  We enjoyed our walk and seeing what is around. The resort sits surrounded by restaurants and shops.  That night we had a wonderful pizza, sat at a bar and had a few drinks, and enjoyed the shopping.

The next day we took a ride around the lake and stopped at different points.  We would take the paths to look at different views.  While driving we saw a guy with 3 horses walking them with back packs and bed rolls.  Quite a sight.  We also saw a girl hitchhiking which you never see anymore.  We met alot of nice people as we wandered around.  For lunch we stopped at a beautiful restaurant at a marina.  We sat outside and had a super lunch.  Everything was so good that you forced yourself to eat more.  We stopped at the Coast Guard Base to see what they offered but all it was is 2 cottages – no swimming or boating so did not interest us.  The guy on duty was very helpful and told us that bears come around every night so everything needs to be locked up.  That night for dinner we went to the Stateline Brewery and had a wonderful dinner.  They brew beer and Tim said it was great.  I had a vodka and cranberry juice which was refreshing.

Wednesday we took the Heavenly Gondola up the mountain.  It stops half way up where they have an observation deck where you have spectacular lake views.  That is 3,000 feet above the lake.  Then you get back on and go higher.  I did not really care for the ride – reminded me of a ferris wheel which I never liked.  I had to focus on the side of the mountain and I was okay.  Once at the top we had lunch at the Lodge but it was very expensive and not to good.  We watched the kids tubing on gliding mats, climbing the wall and playing on the playground.  The high altitude really gets to you and you realize how hard it is to breathe.  We were not too thrilled with this.  You can pay more and go on another gondola to the summit but we were not interested.  It must be really cool to ski from here.  This is where Sony Bono got killed sking.
You are at 9,136 feet in a matter of seconds.

The timeshare had a beautiful pool and hot tub which we enjoyed.  They also had  a restaurant, teen club, kids club, loads of activities, small store, laundry, valet parking (as owners you do not have to pay) and an adult retreat. 

Thursday we decided to take a cruise on Lake Tahoe aboard a 70 ft yacht.  We chose this boat because they only take 49 people so you can move around and see alot.  We went close to the shore seeing Emerald Bay, Eagle Falls and the Vikingsholm Castle.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it greatly.  We met a couple from CT – talk about a small world.  That night we had dinner at the Brewery again where I had chicken that I could cut with my fork.  What a great meal.

Friday morning we headed back and picked up our camper.  We were having one of our tanks repaired while away.  It was a wonderful few days away enjoying the fresh air.

We have attended the Farmers Market every Thursday night that we could.  This is one thing I really like about Calif – so much fresh vegetables and fruit.  We bought cherries, peaches, grapes, cheese, bread, corn, broccoli, green beans, and lots of tomatoes. 

Tim finally broke down and went to the doctor’s to see what is wrong with his shoulder and arm.  They sent him for xray and then an MRI.  Come to find out he has a tear in his rotor cuff.  He will be having surgery in October after we travel for awhile.

When you don’t move around alot you get caught up on housework, laundry, reading, playing on the computer and just relaxing.  Not to exciting to write about though. 

Napa was our choice of a day out and we just enjoy riding and seeing all the vineyards and cute little towns.  Alot of little towns have alot of stores to wander thru and see different things.  We did not have one drop of wine that day – lol whom goes to Napa and does not drink?????

One Sunday we went to Wente Winery for tasting.  Tim and Amanda are club members so everything was free.  We tasted a 2011 Viognier, 2009 Sonata and a 2010 Syrah.  I must say Wente has really good wine.  It was a nice afternoon.

Another Sunday we took a ride towards Angel’s Camp and stopped at a darling little town and looked in different shops.  We then stopped at Oakdale Cheese Factory where we bought a few cheeses.  They make all the cheese on site and it is really yummy.  Another wonderful day.

On the 16th of August Tim and Amanda gave us a night at the Applewood Inn, picnic lunch, credit for dinner and a driver for 4 hours so we could do wine tasting.  The Applewood Inn is located in Guerneville, Calif which is part of Sonoma County.  The Inn is a Bed and Breakfast for adults only.  Our room was super – had beautiful down comforters, plush robes, tv, poster bed and 2 queen ann chairs so we were very comfortable reading.  It was a very romantic place.  When we got there we got a picnic basket and a Lincoln Town Car with Robert as our driver.  He was a super nice guy whom owns the Bow Tie Limousines.  He would drive us around for 4 wonderful hours.  We started off at the Korbel Champagne Cellars where we had a tour explaning how they make champagne.  We never really cared for champagne so we thought as we only drank it at weddings.  Come to find out they have some really good ones.  We tasted a Natural, Blanc de Noir, and a Sweet Rose.  Really good.  This is one of the oldest wineries along the Russian River.

Our next stop was at the Moshin Vineyard and tasted 4 different wines.  Some you like, some not so much but fun to taste different kinds.  Because we were staying at the Inn we had a free pass so we did not have to pay.  What a great saving.

The Thomas George Estates was our next stop where we first had our picnic lunch in their garden.  In our picnic basket was silverware, cloth napkins, plates, glasses, sliced Italian cured meats, 2 different kinds of cheese, marinated olives, grilled asparagus with aioli green lentil salad, and a desert.  It was very tasty and we enjoyed a leisure lunch.

We then went into Thomas George and tasted 4 diffent wines.  We really enjoyed it here and bought a nice bottle.

Next stop was Arista Winery, Mill Creek Vineyards and then C Donatiallo Winery.  Great wines and a wonderful 4 hours.  You reach a point though when you cannot make yourself take one more sip. 

Back to the Inn and we relaxed for a while and then went to dinner at the Inn.  We both had a glass of wine, cocoa nib crusted rack of lamb, sauteed English Peas, Green Garlic and a mint Chimichurr.  It was super.

We slept really good that night – think al
l that wine had something to do with it?  In the morning after showers we had a delicious breakfast at the Inn.  We had a grapefruit, apple bacon, eggs, toast and asparagus.  It was yummy.  What a wonderful time we had and Thanks again to Amanda and Tim. 

We took a ride around the Delta and visited a beautiful campground called Rio Viento RV Park.  It sits on the Sacramento River and has beautiful sites with full hookups and concrete pavers for your pad.  We are looking for a campground where we can stay for a long time while Tim recovers from surgery.  We really liked it but it is far away from most things and expensive at $40 a night.  We also checked out Brannan Island State Recreation Area which was really nice.  They only have water and electric and charge $40 a night for just water and electric which made no sense to me.   We will keep looking. 

On the 24th of August we celebrated Elijah’s first Birthday.  He was so darn cute and we had so much fun celebrating with him.  Where does the time go – felt like yesterday that he was born. 

We have plane reservations to go and visit with Susan, Jerry, Emily, Julia and Makenzie in Oct which we are looking 4ward to.  We also have reservations at Marriott in Park City for the 2nd of Sept.  Stay tuned for more to come.