October/November/December 2012

On the 3rd of October Amanda drove us to San Francisco Airport for our trip back to Charleston South Carolina.  We took the red eye leaving at 12:25am.  It really was not a bad trip – got to sleep some and landed in Houston at 6:03 am.  We raced to get to the other terminal and hit the bathrooms and then another flight at 7:10 am arriving in Charleston at 10:30 am.  Our daughter Susan met us at the airport and it was wonderful to see her again.  We went out for lunch and then back to her house waiting for the arrival of our granddaughters home from school.  It was just wonderful to see them again.  I went to their dance studio and watched Julia and Makenzie take their classes.  That night we just relaxed and talked and talked.

Friday morning we both had to go for blood work as we have a doctors appointment next week.  After that we ran errands with Sue and then out for a nice lunch on the water. 

Saturday saw us at a Soccer Game for Julia which they won.  She is an excellent player and just loves the sport.  In the afternoon Susan and Jerry left for Florida and their cruise for the next 7 days.  Us old grandparents are in charge so it should be an interesting week.

We had Emily drive the golf cart and we went for a ride around the neighborhood.  Emily left to go with her friends so I took the youngest two and we went and had our nails done – then to Cosmic Dog for dinner and menchies for dessert.  What a great day.

Sunday took us to the County Park for a nice picnic lunch and then play on the playground, hike thru the park and a refreshing ice cream to end the day.  We had lots of fun watching the girls climb, run, scream and just have fun.

During the week they had school so Tim and I had the days to ourselves.  We did doctor appointments, shopping, rides, out to lunch and just relaxing on the back porch with good books. As soon as the school bus dropped them off we had busy schedules.  They have soccer practice, games, dance, golf lessons, homework, making dinner and then just having fun.  They were just wonderful the whole week and we had so much fun. We also were able to go out to dinner with good friends the last night – we had a wonderful dinner but even better company. 

The 16th of October made it 9 years ago that my dad went home to heaven.  How I miss him but I know he has finally found the peace that he so wanted with my mom.  He was so lost for the 22 months without her.  Rest in peace.

That afternoon Susan and the girls took us to the airport for our long trip back to Calif.  It was sad to say goodbye but we have wonderful memories and hope to be with them again soon.

Our flight left late and we flew to Chicago – changed planes and then onto San Francisco where Amanda met us at the airport at 12 AM.  So good to see her again. 

On the 17th we checked out of Sharp Army Depot and went tot he Hacendia Mobile Home Park which will be our home for the next few months.  Tim is having surgery and will not be able to drive for about 6 months so we needed a stationary place for an extended time.  This is a very nice park with very friendly people.

On the 19th we found out that Tim had to go to the heart doctor before he can have his surgery.  So the 22nd is out and pushed back how far we are not sure.

While we waited we enjoyed the warm fresh air and sat outside most afternoons and read.  We set up our chairs, tables and rug so we had a nice outside living room to enjoy the air. 

On the 6th of November Tim went for a stress test and an ultra sound.  Come to find out the doctor said he had had a heart attack and didn’t even know it.  On the 12th we went to Stamford Hospital in Palo Alto and he had a procedure done to check out his heart.  Thank goodness the doctor said he was fine and could now have his other surgery.

On the 22nd of November he finally had surgery on his rotor cuff.  He cannot lift or do anything with his right hand so we will be moving slowly in the next few months. 

During all this down time we visited with friends and family.  We started our Christmas shopping, had a nice lunch downtown Pleasanton, attended a pot luck dinner, went for a few walks.

Thanksgiving Day we went to Amanda and Tim’s home for dinner and enjoyed watching the kids.  Great food, wonderful company and just a beautiful day.  That night Tim started complaining about indigestion but seemed okay.  At 1AM he woke me and said I needed to take him to the hospital.  He thought he was having a heart attack.  Scared the lving daylights out of me.  They finally said no heart attack but his white blood cells were way off and still having lots of pains.  They admitted him to the hospital for evaluation.  Finally on Saturday he was able to come home.  Of course this lead to more doctor appointments and tests but they seem to think he will be okay.

Doctor appointments, Physical Therapy, laundry, shopping, kept us busy right up until Christmas. 

One day we took a ride to Danville and toured the Blackhawk Museum.  It has about 90 classic cars but most are foreign.  It was kind of interesting.  Downstairs they did have a display of HO Scale Model Train layout which we really enjoyed.  Their also was a room with  jukeboxes fromthe 1940 and 1950’s.  All this in a beautiful 70,000 square foot building which reminded me of a banquet hall.  Very fun day and then we toured a gourmet grocery store which had all kinds of stuff.  We hope to go back again and really take our time touring.

The week before Christmas we went to Haps Restaurant for a nice dinner.  We both had prime rib and it was the best I have ever had.  Alittle pricy but sooo good.

The next night we went with Amanda and family on the Train of Lights on the Niles Canyon Railway.  It was a 75 minute round trip train ride with Santa.  Safeway Grocery Store put on the trip and Amanda is an employee.  What a nice ride and enjoyed seeing the pretty lights on the train. 

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with Amanda and family.  We made homemade Swedish Meatballs for our dinner that night and they were yummy.  Christmas Day we had Turkey and Ham Dinner and that was great.  It was such fun watching the kids open their gifts – they were so excited but to many presents.  Great holiday.

New Year’s Eve found us both sick with colds so we spent the time in our home alone.  It has been a wonderful year – Tim is recovering from Surgery and we look forward to the day we are able to hit the road again.

Thanks for visiting us this year and hope to see you right here in 2013.

Happy New Year