January 2013

Wow I cannot believe how far behind I am once again.  Today will be a day of getting up to date and then I think I will blog once a month.  I get to busy with facebook and other things and forget about our blog.  Sorry faithful readers.

January was a month of lots of therapy for Tim – 3 times a week to the therapist and then had to do more at home.  After therapy he would have to be iced.  A long process to healing but he is on the mend.
This month we spent alot of time also visiting with our daughter and family.  Nothing like grandchildren and watching them grow on a daily basis.  Our youngest one learns something new each day and it makes you relive when your children were young.  Oh young mothers cherish these days – they go away so fast.  
The movie Lincoln was on our bucket list and we really enjoyed that.  I do not know what it is but sometimes we just forget about going to the movies.  Maybe cuz today so much is on the tv – yea I know lots of junk.
Our oldest grandson turned 18 so we celebrated with lunch at Red Robin and then a wonderful dinner cooked by his mother. The meal was great – the cake yummy and the company wonderful.
On the 16th of the month we attended an RV Show at the fairgrounds.  We looked at every camper, motor home or 5th wheel that would work for us.  Great news was that I love mine better so we saved alot of money.  Lol.
We did some walking this month as the county park is a short walk away from where we are staying.  It felt good to get out and get some fresh air – didn’t lose a pound though.  
This month really was therapy, computer playing, alot of reading and enjoying each other.  We hope to be on the road again really soon. Stay tuned for Feb.