Week of Feb 8

Today is Saturday and we are getting ready to hit the road tomorrow.  We went and filled the truck with diesel and starting to put things away.  Tomorrow it will take us about an hour to get ready to hit the road.  Yeah!!!

Today is our youngest daughter’s 38th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Amanda – we so enjoyed talking to you today and hope this year will prove to be a better one for you.
Well it is Sunday Morning and we are on the road again.  We left Unadilla around 10 am and took I-75 south for a few exits and then exited to take the back roads thru Georgia and Alabama.  We saw loads of cotton fields, peanut fields and huge pecan trees everywhere.  
We stopped in a small town in Alabama for lunch at Subway.  To our surprise in the overhead light fixture was a mouse trying to get out.  Wow did that cause concern especially for the young girl working.  We all just laughed and our sandwich was great so maybe he is just stuck in the attic.  Lol.
We arrived at Fort Rucker – our home for the next 8 days will be at the Engineer Beach RV Park on base.  We have a beautiful view of the lake which to both of us is very relaxing.  Our goal while here is to research Tim’s family – I do ancestry and trying to figure out people is really a job.  We will keep you informed as the search begins.
After getting set up we went to check out the exchange and commissary.  I think we will enjoy a quiet week here as the campground is on one  end of the base near the lake while all the activity of military life is in another place.  Our site is very private and we have water, electric, table, campfire, laundry and showers.  Pretty nice.
Fort Rucker was built in 1942 as an Army Base for flight training on helicopters.  The base covers over 10.9 square miles with a 640 acre lake.  A very nice base with modern facilities.
On Monday we drove into Troy and found the cemetery where Tim’s great grandfather is buried.  We walked around and found quite a few graves that were family.  Our next stop was to find a cemetery where loads of his family were buried.  No luck finding that cemetery so we headed out to where his grandparents are buried.  While riding thru the town of Brundidge we saw a gas station called Pinckard Gas Station which made us laugh.
Two days the weather was very cold and pouring rain.  We made a decision to just stay at home and read and play on the computer.  We watched alot of tv and just enjoyed our days.
On the 13th we took a ride to Troy and went into the Public Library which was a wonderful move on our part.  The librarian was super nice and helpful and she introduced us to a man whom does loads of research for the area.  Come to find out he was related to the Pinckard family  Such a small world we live in.  We spent about 5 hours researching family and talking to John and another lady we met.  It proved to be a very interesting day.
Red Level Alabama was a place that Tim’s grandparents lived so we took  a ride there.  Today its got some beautiful homes but not much else.  We took some pictures and looked around.  On our way back we found the cemetery we couldn’t find the other day.  Wow all of his grandparents families were buried here.  Even Tim got excited.
Shopping for food and a few items that we needed rounded out the week.  We are ready to head south – stayed tuned.