Our Travels West

We got an early start from the Navy Base in Goose Creek South Carolina and started west.  The traffic was light and the sun was shining brightly so you couldn’t ask for a better day.  We stopped at a rest area and had lunch and then into North Carolina where we stopped at Pride RV Resort in Maggie Valley.  This campground is part of Coast to Coast so our stay for two nights was free.  We sat outside the first day and enjoyed the remaining sunshine as the next day we had showers.  This campground has full hookups, pool, pavilion, hot tub, propane, cafe, laundry, clubhouse, mini golf, horseshoes, dump station, and cabins.  We enjoyed our stay but we need to be in Kansas in two weeks so onward we go.

Our next stop was a Corps of Engineers Park in Silver Point Tn called Floating Mills. This campground sits on Center Hill Lake which was constructed in 1942 to control flooding.  We had made reservations and picked a site but when we arrived we could not fit into the site because of the horseshoe shape.  The host was great letting us pick another site right near the water.  We love Corps of Engineer parks and this one had full hookups.  We enjoyed watching people boating on the lake and the beautiful sun hitting the water.  This area is very hilly but just beautiful.  We took a nice walk also.  Our 3 nights came to an end and we were back on the road.  We enjoyed the back roads of Tn and headed into Missouri.

We went to another Corps of Engineers Park called Redman Creek in Wappapello, Missouri.  The host told us to hurry and grab the only site available which we did.  What a great site, nice and long, plenty of room for our screen room and so quiet.  We reserved it for a week so we could tour the area.  They have a nice visitor center, beach, great boat ramps and a beautiful setting in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.  The campground has 109 sites with full hookups – the best part is your allowed to have campfires which is a very rare thing today.

While here we took rides and really enjoyed the area.  Lake Wappapello State Park was close and we enjoyed touring that park.  We even stopped into the store and had a nice conversation with the manager.   We also got a lot of reading done, walking, talking with our neighbors, out to dinner and even a treat to ice cream.

One morning I woke up and my sore on my right leg was green.  Poor Tim got so worried that we drove 35 miles to Dexter and went to the Emergency Room at the hospital.  After being seen by the doctor he informed us he could not release me until I was seen by a surgeon.  I got checked into a room and around 7 pm Tim left to go back to the camper.  The surgeon came into my room about 15 minutes later and told me that all that dead skin had to be removed and they would do it the first thing in the morning.  Being alone and so far away from everyone brought me to tears.  I was hooked up to receive antibiotics and shots in my belly to prevent blood clots.  The next morning my wonderful husband showed up bright and early before I went to the operating room.  They removed all the dead skin and left me with a good size hole that would need a lot of attention for the next month or so.  After 3 days I was released and ordered to keep my leg elevated as much as possible.   My wonderful husband came thru again and became a wonderful nurse.  The host at the campground got us approved to stay as long as necessary as they did not know if I would need a skin graft or if it would close on its own.  The doctor and his nurse were super, fellow campers were wonderful, plus my children, grandchildren  and husband.   After 3 weeks we were given the okay to travel as long as we stopped and had my leg checked by another doctor on our way.  So good to get back on the road again.

Because of all the setbacks we missed our appointment to have our camper fixed and had to wait 4 weeks until they could reschedule us.  Not a problem – just need to figure out where we can go.

Stay tuned