Our time here in Pleasanton was visiting plus Tim had an appointment with the heart doctor. Enjoyable time and then it was off to Bass Lake.
Bass Lake Recreation Area is a nice campground with full hookups, pull thru sites, cable, adult clubhouse, teen club, café, playground, horseshoes, shuffleboard, basketball, hiking, showers, laundry and propane. This is a coast to coast park so very reasonable for us plus 13 miles from Yosemite National Park.
Yosemite National Park was created as a forest reserve in 1864 by President Abraham Lincoln. It became a National Park in 1890. The park covers over 747,956 acres and is noted for its beautiful waterfalls, giant granite cliffs and giant sequoia trees.
Our first stop was Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. We took a tram tour thru this grove stopping at different places along the route. We saw the Grizzly Giant which they think is over 1800 years old. They even have a tree that they cut a tunnel into to let horse drawn stages to pass through. Some of the trees even grow together. They have a little museum which gives the history of the trees. In this grove they have over 500 trees.
Yosemite Valley has a wonderful Visitor Center and interesting things to see and do. They have a Museum, theater, art gallery, book store, lodge, post office, gift shops, workshops and tours. Usually you can see the highest waterfall in North America here but due to the drought in California this year not so good.
From Half Dome at 8836 feet you can see most of the valley. We also did Tioga Road which is a 39 mile scenic drive with elevations of 6000 feet to 10,000 feet. What a beautiful drive with a lake and Tuolumne Meadow. This time around we did the whole park and enjoyed every minute.
Our time was cut short because of the fires close to our campground. We decided to leave around 8 PM one night and drove about 100 miles to Lemoore Naval Air Station Fam Camp. This is a nice base campground with full hookups, free laundry, showers, and tables. Also right near the campground is a car wash, gas station, restaurant, pub, fitness center, theater, bowling alley and a pool. While here we were able to do some grocery shopping also and one day we visited Sequoia National Park.
Sequoia National Park was created in 1890 and has over 404,063 acres. We got to see the giant forest museum which had wonderful exhibits and then walked the big tree trail. The General Sherman Sequoia tree is 275 feet tall making it the largest single stem tree on earth. Another beautiful and interesting National Park that as travelers we were able to experience.
Our next stop was Smithwoods RV Park located in Felton. This campground had full hookups, pool, campfires, tables, laundry, showers, lodge, store, wifi, ball field, and cable tv. The park is surrounded by coastal redwood trees and felt like you were in a state park. We met our daughter Amanda and family here to celebrate our grandson Elijah’s 3rd Birthday. We had fun putting on a party, enjoying watching the children play, hiking, and watching the campfire while we had a glass of wine. It was a fun weekend.
We left Smithwoods and headed to Sharpe Depot in Lathrop to spend the last week before they close down the base. This campground was one we visited often while in California as it has full hookups, tables, pool, gym and plenty of areas to ride our bikes or walk. We had an enjoyable week here and were saddened to think no more.

We headed to Southern California in September to Anaheim Resort RV Park in Anaheim. We were joined by daughter Amanda, her hubby Tim, and our 2 grandchildren Grace and Elijah. We were going to Disneyland to celebrate Grace’s 5th birthday. The campground was pretty nice – full hookups, tables, pool, laundry, bathhouse and hot tub. They also had a shuttle that took you to Disneyland but a cost was involved but it made it so much easier.
We have been going to Disney World for years so Disneyland is very different to us. They have two parks and we had Military Tickets so we could visit both parks each day for 3 days. We loved Soarin Over California, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, carousel, Maters Junkyard Jamboree, It’s A Small World, Flying Tires and all the other rides. We did both parks and we all had a wonderful time.
On Grace’s birthday we celebrated at Ariel’s Grotto for a luncheon. She got to meet all the princess and she was in seventh heaven.
One night we did downtown Disney and enjoyed walking in all the stores plus playing at Lego Land. We enjoyed watching the fireworks also both at the park and from our campsite.
Amanda and family went to the beach two days and Tim and I just relaxed. The kids enjoyed playing with play dough and just having fun so all in all it was a good trip.
We had planned to take two days to return to Northern California but started driving and decided to drive all the way in one day.
Our stop for the next two weeks will be Delta Shores Campground in Isleton. We have a membership here so we get full hookups for $3 a night. Sure helps with the budget and it is a very relaxing campground. They have a laundry, playground, showers, mini golf, dump station, rentals, tenting, hot tub, pool, basketball, and rec hall.

We left the Delta around 10 am and made a stop in Lodi at Safeway for a few groceries and wine. We then headed south with a short stop at a rest area for lunch. Our next stop was Success Lake, a corps of Engineers Campground near Porterville, Ca. This park has about 10 full hookup sites and then loads with no hookups. We had a full hookup site and at first wondered why so few people. Then we looked at the lake and most of the water is gone because of the drought. The people whom live near the park have had their wells go dry so late in the evening they drove into the campground to take showers.
Our stay here was fun as we rode our bikes all around plus walked. We took a ride one day and stopped in at the National Forest Office for information and the ranger gave us all types of things to see and do. Sequoia National Forest became a Sierra Forest Reserve in 1893 and then in 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt renamed it. In 2000 President William Clinton created Giant Sequoia National Monument.
We saw deer grazing along the road, beautiful waterfalls, and stunning scenery. We stopped at The Trail of 100 Giants where 125 giant sequoias are. Some of these trees are 1500 years old and huge. Some of them are more massive than the coastal redwoods. This Forest has over 33 groves of sequoia trees and a very diverse terrain. The roads were very narrow and had loads of switchback turns. I told Tim I felt like I was riding a roller coaster. What a wonderful place to visit.

We are in California mostly to visit with our family – need that grandparent fix! We have enjoyed camping with family, dinners, just talking, holidays, hugs and kisses and all that go with being with them. Thanks so much for being so special to us.
We went to Coast Guard Island one day which is located in Alameda. The Island covers 67 acres and was opened as a base in 1926 to train recruits from the west coast. It closed as a training center in 1982 and now all recruits are trained in Cape May, New Jersey. Today the base is home to cutters and supports the west coast. We went to the Exchange just to look around and then took a little ride around the island. While in that area we had lunch at Quinn’s Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub. This building is a historic landmark built in 1890 in Oakland.
Our oldest grandson moved to Berkeley so we toured that city with him. We walked up to the University of California, students were everywhere. This is a very busy school with all types of people to make it very interesting.
We were looking for more places to be able to camp so we went to the Anthony Chabot Regional Park to take a look. They have 75 campsites but only 12 have full hookups. They all have tables, grills and fire pits. Most were much too small for us to fit in. I would love to go back and just walk the grounds someday as they have loads of hiking trails.
My daughter and I attended a weekend for “Women of Faith Tour” in Sacramento. What an uplifting experience that was. We arrived Friday night for 3 hours and then Saturday from 9 until about 5. Highly would recommend this for any women that lives with the Lord. The speakers were Sheila Walsh, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Anita Renfroe, Nichole Nordeman, and Matthew West. All were wonderful speakers that could make you laugh, cry and ability to learn so much. While in Sacramento we stayed at Marriott Courtyard and had a nice room with two queen size beds. Before going to bed we enjoyed a bottle of wine and just talked away.
Our grandson works for In N Out Burgers so one day we took him to a ballgame between the different stores. They fed everyone hotdogs and drinks for free while we watch the game. Really enjoyable.
Three times we have tried to go to Muir Woods National Monument in Mill Valley and all times the parking lots are full and nowhere to go. Well when we got home read on the National Park site that they have a bus service during the warm months which I did not know. Oh well guess we will try again someday. While there we decided to do Route 1 and enjoyed our ride up the coast to Olema. Back in the early 1970’s we stayed at the Olema Campground for about a month until we got into Coast Guard housing in Point Reyes Station. We decided to tour the campground which has grown up since we stayed there. They have full hookups, pull thru sites, tenting, propane, showers, laundry, dump station, horseshoes, shuffleboard, playground and a clubhouse. It is a very nice campground but really expensive as most things in this area. We left the campground and headed to Point Reyes Station and rode thru the Coast Guard Base – wow did they look old – we lived in the housing back when it was brand new. Still remember when we moved in we wanted to put a clothes line in our back yard, did not have a dryer back then, and they refused our request saying it would look like shanty town. That still makes me laugh as I had a huge line in our home always as I loved hanging my sheets outside in the breeze. We stopped at the Station House Café for lunch which was very good. When we lived here that was the Two Ball Inn. We walked all around town visiting gift shops, grocery store, 1890 Old Western Salon and all the places that we enjoyed while living here.
Tim finally went to a foot doctor about his feet and she recommended new shoes so off to Fleet Feet Sports. What a great store for measuring your foot and watching how you walk – very impressed as most stores do not even measure your foot anymore.
For Christmas celebrations we attended the Livermore Christmas Parade. We sat at the First Street Wine Bar and had a glass of wine while watching the parade. It was a very nice parade and the weather was perfect, just a little cool but nothing like watching it in New England lol. After the parade we went to First Street Alehouse and had dinner with family.
Our Christmas was very nice watching our grandchildren opening presents. They opened them so fast I wondered if they really saw what they got but then again they are 3 and 5. We had a wonderful dinner of ham and roast beef with all the trimmings. Thanks Amanda for again doing a wonderful job. We also attended church services at Blue Oaks Church held at Foothills High School. Beautiful service with lighting of candles – looked so pretty.

This rounds out 2014 – Stay tuned for 2015