January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to you all. May you find health and peace in this new year and may God watch over you.

Today we took a ride to Oakland California and went thru the Oakland Airport. We had never been here before and I wanted to see what it was like. The airport began in 1927 with a few flights each day. During World War II it was closed and became Naval Air Station Oakland until the war ended. Today it is a good size airport with many flights.

We then took a ride to Alameda Island which was founded in 1853.  We were amazed at how many homes were on this island.  We found a nice park called Crown Memorial State Beach were you can actually swim and it has sand.  There was loads of people walking, riding bikes and playing frisbee even though the temp was pretty cool.  We then took a ride around the island and found the old Naval Air Station.  It is a shame the way these old bases look, looks like the Navy walked away and just left it to deteriorate.  I guess the city owns it now but what an eye sore.  The only bases we have seen that look wonderful after being closed is the Presidio in San Francisco and Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.  Naval Air Station closed in 1997 and has sat for the last 17 years.  Yikes

We picked up our grandson and went to the Black Bear Dinner and it was horrid.  Tim is the only one whom liked his dinner and he had a chicken pot pie.  Josh couldn’t eat his and mine was not too good.  Oh well another place off our list.

Another nice day and back to Travis Air Force Base to our little home for a few weeks.  Enjoy your day and be thankful for what you have.