Dreams finally realized

We got the final commitment today – we will close on Thursday or Friday and start our dream trip.  Really looking forward to new experiences and new places that we have never seen before.  As you know we love to travel so we have picked the correct path.

Yesterday was an enjoyable day – went to Shelton and delivered a chair to my brother – then to Susan’s house.  We played with the kids – had dinner and then babysat for Julia.  She has been scared to death of trucks so poppy let her make believe she was driving.  The smiles were priceless – why did we not have the camera?

My last entry was from Monday – a few things have happened since then.  The closing will be tommorow Friday at 2 – what a long drawn out process this has been.  In 1973 when we sold our first home this kind of stuff did not happen and computers were not so widely used.

The rain has finally stopped – see sun.  Yesterday, Wednesday we took my mothers friend out to lunch.  She has known me since I was born.  It was a nice visit and was nice talking about my parents – they were party people and had loads of fun in their life times.  May God let them rest in peace – they were wonderful parents.

Today we will get the camper ready to hit the road.  We have been living in it since Memorial Day but did not need to store things as we never moved.  Tommorow will be closing and then heading to Vermont.  Have no idea if we will have any conection where we are going so if you do not hear from me for a week or so that is why.  We will be back in Ct on July 8th.

Until then keep smiling – think of retirement