A wonderful night with friends

June 22, 2006

Today was a very good day – heard from alot of my friends to make my day.  Also went to dinner with Fernanda and Doreen at Olive Garden – good food but wonderful company.  thanks guys – enjoyed this so much. 

We have been really busy with the house, babysitting, friends and just relaxing.  Retirement is just great – sleep late – stay up late – take naps when the spirit moves you.  Plus get paid for doing this.

Tommorow we will know when we will close next week.  I am very excited but also nervous on this next adventure in our lives. 

Once we leave here it is off to Vermont then back to CT to see Amanda and Joshua on the 9th of July.  We will have a fun week with them plus get to see Susan and the girls.  Then off to South Dakota – back to CT in September to welcome our new grandchild.  Susan is due on Sept 15th – will take care of the girls one week then help Susan with the new baby the following week.  Then it will be off to places unknown.  Everyone wants us to stop and visit – hope this will be possible but if not we will return again next year.

Until Saturday – enjoy